Twitter urges public to help make conversations healthy & users can save tweets now

Twitter has urged the public to help the platform find and evaluate healthier interactions on the platform. The idea emerged after speaking with non-profit research company Cortico, which set out ways to measure such conversations based on four indicators: shared attention, reality, variety of opinion and receptivity.
Now Twitter is planning to partner up with experts and anyone can submit proposals on how health metrics should be defined as well as ways to find and measure them.
Selected proposals will be financially supported by Twitter and be granted access to public data.
Twitter has previously begun to weed out violent and offensive content and updated its policy.
The move closely follows similar initiatives by Facebook which has been working on mechanisms to focus on trustworthy publishers and news sources.
In addition, the company has now made private saving of tweets officially available. The addition had been announced back in November 2017.
The ‘Bookmarks’ feature now lets anyone save a tweet and view it again later. However, bookmarked tweets are only visible to the user who saves it.

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