Twitter to personalise feed with Topics

Anne Freier | November 8, 2019

App Business

Lost in a jungle of tweets and don’t know which ones to read or whom to follow?

Twitter has just made it easier to traverse its mini-blogging site by rolling out Topics. Users can now follow topics from over 300 categories to tailor the tweets they see to their personal interests.

Whether you enjoy entertainment, sports or comedy – Topics make it easier to ensure you are seeing more of the tweets that are relevant to you.

But Twitter is not just trying to show any odd tweet but will instead focus on personalising Topics with credible sources.

The company hopes this will make the platform more approachable and easier to use and engage with.

One of the main reasons why people use Twitter is to keep up with things they are interested in.

The company hopes to add more topics during future updates.

Topics will now automatically show up in search results on the Twitter home feed. Users can then follow a Topic.

The company said it may also “match [users] with other topics that we think [they] are interested in based on [their] profile and activity, such as the Tweets [they] view or like.”

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