Twitter tests larger, more aggressive app-install ads in its mobile app

Reports are gathering that Twitter is testing a new carousel-style Suggested Apps app install ad unit inside its mobile app. According to The Next Web, the new ad format started showing up for some users in mid-March, and takes up considerably more screen space than Twitter’s previous adverts. The aggressive new style abandons the subtle positioning and look of older in-app ads.
An example of the new app install ad unit
twitter ads
Several users have taken screenshots of the advert, which show a promoted app with an image, and a large Install button beneath it. A swipe to the left will slide another recommended app on to the page, helping provide more ad coverage without lengthier interruptions to the main feed. The similarity between these new ad units and Facebook’s successful in-app install adverts has been noted.
Twitter hasn’t officially launched this new style ad yet, so it’s not clear whether this limited test will result in a wider rollout in the future. If they prove successful, there’s every chance they will. Twitter is expected to become the third largest seller of online display ads in the U.S. in 2015, surpassing Yahoo, and lining up behind Facebook and Google. App install ads are also becoming more widely used, potentially reaching 10% of all mobile ads shown in the U.S. this year, and will generate around $3b in revenue according to the latest research.

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