Twitter rolls out birthday balloons to collect more personal data for mobile ads

Twitter is now giving users the option to add their date of birth to their profiles. In exchange, the social media platform will shower you with animated balloons on your big day. Whilst it may seem innocent at first, the move is designed to allow Twitter to collect more user data and subsequently cater more personalised ads to them.
Twitter adds birthday information to your profile
Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 8.17.52 AM
The platform offers a very simple sign-up process that asks new users for their name, username, email and phone number. However, its minimalist set of data doesn’t make for great advertising demographics. Expanding its features to gain more user information ultimately means that Twitter can target users more efficiently and only deliver ads which are relevant to them.
Having launched a series of new advertising options already this year, Twitter is aiming to catch up to Facebook. In 2010, Facebook began to display biographic information across the top of personal profiles. This encouraged users to update and share more details, ultimately fueling Facebook’s ad engine. As of right now, Twitter user information is rather shallow. However, this move may be the first in a series to narrow the gap.

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