Twitter now requires verification for political ads in the US

Anne Freier | September 3, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Twitter has launched a range of new policies to boost transparency across its political ads. In collaboration with its newly launched Ad Transparency Center, the company has introduced a set of stricter standards for US federal election ads.

Under the ‘issue ads’ category, the new guidelines will affect two types of promoted ads on Twitter, including ads that refer to an election or mention a candidate and those that advocate for specific pieces of legislation.

For both ad types, marketers are now required to apply for verification to ensure that advertisers are who they say they are and that they are located in the US. Just like election ads, ‘issue ads’ are clearly identifiable as such to Twitter users by carrying labels. Users can also click on an ad to find out more details about an advertiser.

“The intention of this policy is to provide the public with greater transparency into ads that seek to influence people’s stance on issues that may influence election outcomes,” Twitter explained in a blog post. “We are continuing our efforts to expand our political content policies globally and will continue to work towards providing increased transparency for all advertising on Twitter.”

However, the policy update will not affect news organisation which are allowed to apply for an exemption from the policy.

The policy will take affect from 30. September 2018 in the US only. Ads from uncertified advertisers will no longer be shown after the deadline.

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