Twitter merges ad departments for more dynamic campaign management

Twitter just consolidated its application programme interface (API) and agency development departments to streamline the ad campaign publishing process for advertisers.

The division resulting from the merger will be headed by Stephanie Prager as head of global agency and platform solutions.

According to AdWeek, a spokesperson said that the consolidation “will only dial up the innovation and creativity that their solutions bring to marketers.”

The move aligns with the social media platform’s wider goals to simplify its ad model and campaign options for marketers.

It follows a 21% rise in ad revenues to $727 million for the second quarter 2019, announced earlier this week.

The increase in revenues may reflect the company’s commitment to provide more impactful campaign tools. Twitter recently added ArtHouse, which connects brands with creatives and influencers across the platform.

The merger will only affect Twitter’s ads API which advertisers use to manage and optimise their ads, but no other API groups.

There will be no changes to staff or team members as a consequence of the merger.

“The ads API team, given how data-driven they are, makes for much more compelling opportunities for agencies and brands. Advertisers can ingest that data so that planning and insights become much more dynamic in real time. So it’s influencing how they can go to market,” Prager told AdAge.

“Now, by pairing the two teams between agencies and the ads API team with expertise in campaign management and data insight extraction, it allows us to go back into agencies with the blueprint on how to launch products and connect with what’s happening on Twitter.”

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