Twitter launches Promoted Trend Spotlight ads for Explore takeover

Twitter has just launched a brand new advertising product called Promoted Trend Spotlight, which are video ad placements that takeover Twitter’s Explore tab.

The feature is only available in some countries for now including the US, UK and Japan and will be expanded to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand later on.

Spotlights are a complement to Twitter’s existing Promoted Trends. They support 6-second video and GIF ads as well as static images.

Ads will be placed at the top of the Explore tab for two visits per person per day, which basically ensures that they don’t start to annoy individual users. Once a user has seen them twice, they are moved to the standard Promoted Trend placement.

“Launching a new streaming service – even when it’s called Disney+ – requires breaking through and becoming a part of the cultural conversation. We knew social platforms, including Twitter, would be playing a key role. We leveraged the Promoted Trend Spotlight throughout our campaign as it was important for us to truly capture people’s attention at scale,” Trevor Kelly, VP of Digital Marketing at Disney+ said.

According to research by EyeSee, people spend an average 26% of their time checking out Promoted Trend Spotlights compared to Promoted Trends.

This had a significant impact on ad recall (up 113%) and brand consideration (+18%) as well as brand lift (+67%). People were also 3x more likely to click-through an ad in Spotlight.

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