Twitter launches new ad button for mobile advertisers

Twitter has added a new advertising button to its mobile platform for Android and iOS devices. This enables marketers to manage their ad campaigns whilst on the go. Marketers can now easily oversee campaigns, budgets, order placements and other functions. The new button is found right next to the “Edit profile” button and has been mistaken for a shortcut to analytics by some users.
Twitter adds a new ad button
Screen shot 2015-07-06 at 10.35.51 AM
According to TechCrunch, some users have been rather disappointed with the move, calling it “desperate”. It only caters to those actually running a campaign and does nothing for other Twitter users. Neither does it actually allow users to build a campaign from the app itself.
Twitter hasn’t made an official announcement, but the company has faced pressure to monetise through advertising recently. The move aims to entice marketers to advertise on the platform by making the process smoother and simpler.
Facebook recently launched a dedicated Ads Manager App which allows marketers to track their campaigns, but also helps them create campaigns from their phones. So far, Twitter hasn’t announced plans to do the same and launch in-app campaign building.

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