Twitter launches Answers, a free tool for tracking mobile app installs

Twitter Ads
Twitter has introduced Answers, a new service designed to make it easier to track ad campaign performance. It’s free to use, and will show information related to promoted and organic app installations which come from Twitter campaigns. Answers pulls all relevant data together for you, then compares and aggregates to make it easy to understand.
Twitter’s Fabric contains the new Answers service
Twitter Answers
To use it, advertisers must integrate Twitter’s mobile platform named Fabric into their iOS or Android apps, then make use of the Crashlytics Kit to track conversions. This has the added benefit of not requiring any additional code, because it’s already part of Crashlytics, a system which Twitter promises won’t have an adverse impact on overall app performance.
Twitter invited several high-profile companies to beta test Answers, and has received favourable feedback.
Ana Larue, marketing manager for Path, said:
Ana Larue

“We love having the free mobile measurement solution from Fabric to track both app driven installs by our users sharing content on Twitter, as well as app installs we drive through Twitter Ads. The solution gave us the visibility to track the 100,000+ installs we drove via Twitter in November.”

Twitter says Answers is fast to setup and simple to use, providing advertisers with access to important data essential to understanding how their app is growing. The announcement comes soon after Twitter introduced Tailored Audiences, which helps advertisers run more relevant campaigns on the social network.

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