Twitter is considered the most brand-safe social media platform

Anne Freier | February 11, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Brand safety has quickly become a major concern for advertisers over the last few years as user concern has grown. Now a new study by computer vision company GumGum has found that Twitter is considered the most brand-safe for advertisers.

According to a survey of 274 executives at brands, agencies, publishers and tech providers in November 2018, 45% of respondents voted for Twitter as the top social media platform in terms of brand safety.

Facebook ranked second at 25%, followed by Instagram at 17%.

Meanwhile, YouTube and Snapchat ranked at the bottom with just 0.38% of respondents considering them brand-safe.

However, a majority of respondents believed that brand safety had improved over the last 12 months. Indeed, almost half (49%) now consider the issue to have improved “much” more, whilst 32% said it was “better” than before.

Topics such as exposure to brand-unsafe images were among the top areas of improvement for 80% of respondents.

Another 57% said that they had created an internal role dedicated to preventing brand safety incidents over the last 12 months.

Among the most popular tools to boosting brand safety were blacklists (62%), followed by natural language context detection (35%) and image recognition (31%).

The most brand-unsafe content type was considered to be violence (37%), followed by competitor branding (22%). Meanwhile, pornography (3%), fake news (2%) and bad news (0.38%) ranked at the bottom.

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