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Peter Keung | July 24, 2013

App Marketing

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It’s very well known fact that whenever you put some of the greatest minds in the same room, you’ll probably end up getting something great. And that was the case with the first App Promotion summit, which was held in London on July 11. Some of the greatest minds in the mobile app marketing industry shared their thoughts and some real pearls of wisdom to a packed full hall of developers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. So, if you wanted to learn about how to become the next Instagram, Angrybirds or Flipflop, the App Promotion Summit was the place to be.
The Summit’s aim was to connect the developers and startups who need to promote apps with the new generation of marketing platforms who can help them.
We had the privilege to host qualified speakers like Richard Pidgeon (Distimo), Stefan Bielau (SB Consulting), Ouriel Ohayon (Appsfire), Renate Nyborg (Edelman), Peggy Ann Salz (MobileGroove), Meaghan Fitzgerald (23Snaps) and many more gave presentations, hints and tips. They spoke about app discovery and tracking, mobile advertising and media buying, internationalization strategies cross promotion and much more.
George Osborn did a great job describing what really happened there, saying that he would love to attend this kind of conference every year.
A lot of people, who attended the Summit took it to Twitter to share their thoughts.

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We are pleased that many people got priceless experience from the event.

Special thanks to our lovely guests @AppLift, @guidecentral, @Fiksu,  @getjampp, @tyntec and @apptamin for their encouraging tweets.

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