Twitter hikes mobile advertising product offering with the addition of native app install ads

Twitter has just boosted its mobile app install advertising product with app install ads that auto-convert to pop up natively in Twitter Audience Platform apps. That’s a reach of 800m people across thousands of apps.
Twitter rolls out new mobile app install ads

For ads to be native, mobile app marketers just need to check a box on the Twitter Audience Platform. Twitter then auto-assembles the advert’s assets such as images, text and links within a native template and publishes the ad alongside other content in an app, so that it appears more normal to the end user.
According to the social media giant, native app install ads were getting up to 56% more click-to-installs than traditional banner app install ads in testing.
It appears it’s high time for Twitter to make the move as native ad inventory across the site has increased 251% since Q1 2015 and ad spending for native ads rose almost 30% from Q1 2016.
Click-through rates were up to 220% higher than banner counterparts, with the majority (58%) of Millennials favouring them.
Twitter says:

Historically, advertisers have struggled to scale their creative resources to align with the custom executions that native advertising requires, especially on mobile. But in the past few years, native has seen a big surge due to the rise of programmatic in-app formats, making it possible for advertisers to quickly and easily deploy native ads and for publishers to offer them.

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