Twitter expands pre-roll adverts to Periscope

Twitter has announced that it is extending pre-roll adverts to Periscope. The feature had previously only been available on Twitter, but the company is now adding pre-roll ads to Amplify packages. The addition comes at a time when Periscope has celebrated its second anniversary.
Video content creators can now monetise their work in live videos. Indeed, the upgrade makes it all the more likely that live streams are now to feature ads across Twitter.
The company says that Amplify clients will have full control over the pre-roll ads and Periscope also features the possibility to add 360-degree videos for more engagement.
Mike Folgner, Group Product Manager for Periscope wrote in a blog post:

“For creators and publishers that use Periscope to go live on Twitter every day, these pre-roll ads present a new way to monetize their video content. For marketers, they have a new source of brand-safe video advertising beyond what was previously available, including ads during live streaming programs from select premium publishers, Promoted Tweets with Periscope video and custom Amplify campaigns with premium content creators.”

Revenue is split 70/30, which is in line with the model offered to publishers.
Amplify makes it easy to share a live stream tweet with pre-roll ads. Content creators simply need to check a box when they’re ready to tweet.
The move follows those of competitors YouTube and Facebook, which have already expanded their ad solutions for broadcasters. However, Twitter has a real-time advantage.
Research commissioned by Twitter found that 82% of Twitter users now view video content on the platform with 90% of views happening on mobile. Where Twitter videos really differ from YouTube is search versus discovery. More users are discovering content on Twitter, whilst YouTubers actively search for content. In addition, the research revealed that native video drove some solid engagement on Twitter.

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