Twitter expands audience targeting with 75 new communities

Anne Freier | September 16, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Twitter is making it easier for advertisers and brands to reach the communities that matter the most to their campaigns. The micro-blogging site has identified 75 communities that offer new audience-targeting opportunities.

The company used data analytics to identify sub-communities that fit into broad interest levels by examining their tweets.

Broad interest categories include fashion, gaming, sports and professional topics. These are further subdivided to ensure more accurate targeting.

For example, ‘football’ is further divided into ‘awareness’ and ‘grassroots support’, among other sub-categories.

“We want to just give our agency partners and brand partners some better insight into exactly who those people are, and what sort of communities and tribes they play for,” David Wilding, director of planning at Twitter told Campaign.

He added that Twitter features many different topical interests and marketers should have an opportunity to target these.

“For example, police use Twitter to sort of support each other and teachers are using Twitter to share resources and also be creative with what they do,” he added. “There’s the niche things like ‘Cheese Twitter’ and ‘Beer Twitter’, and people are just really passionate about finding each other.”

Sub-categories offer an additional level of insight into Twitter audiences. “This is about helping them understand what it is that’s happening and what people are interested and passionate about, and what communities really do exist,” he said.

Interestingly, Twitter noticed that communities are open to help from brands if they need it. This could open the door to whole new opportunities across various Twitter communities.

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