Twitter adds location feature for better mobile advertising targeting


Twitter is adding a new location feature for iOS and other operating systems. The addition, so Twitter hopes, may inspire users to tweet more whilst on the go, but also push posts that are about locations or places. In addition, it significantly improves Twitter’s advertising targeting and could help drive store visits for brands.

Twitter adds location data ad targeting



The addition comes as part of a Foursquare integration to drive location identification.

Jeff Glueck, CEO, Foursquare, told TechCrunch:
jeff glueck

“We’re excited about this integration, which has been getting deeper over time. Location can provide important context for any moment, and our location intelligence is best-in-class. We’re proud to support Twitter in the US, Canada, Brazil and many other geographies. Stay tuned for more to come.”

Ultimately, it means that location data is now visible on the main Twitter feed in map view. Users can also expand the view to see tweets from the place it was originally tagged in.

That makes it easier for users to check out a particular location and discover restaurants, events or local news. In addition, it means that some tweets can get more views than before.
Curated location Moments could also compete more effectively with Snapchat Live Stories in the future. The latest feature certainly is a bonus for advertisers who wish to target their campaigns based on interest or location.

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