Twitch downloads double amid lockdowns boosting revenues

Twitch, the gaming streaming app, more than doubled its downloads during lockdowns in the US, according to data by AppFigures.

Downloads rose from 20,000 per day to 60,000 at the peak of lockdowns in March.

US downloads remained at double the rate they were in January.

More downloads means for revenue. Twitch revenues in the US alone jumped from $70k per day to $400k during at a peak day in May 2020.

The way the app works is that viewers can purchase in-app currency to give to creators. Of the $0.014 per a so-called Bit, Twitch keeps $0.004.

The sudden rise in interest in the app is good news for creators as it means they can earn more on the app by sharing interesting content.

In 2020, the app earned $30 million in the US App Store of which Twitch kept around $8.6 million and shared the rest with its streamer base.

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