Twitch dominates live streaming apps with 2.7 billion hours of views

Anne Freier | July 18, 2019

App Business

Twitch, the live video streaming app continues to lead with over 2.7 billion hours of live streaming content, according to the latest State of Stream report from StreamElements.

The total time spent watching live streams came in at 72.2%, which was 4x more than the hours spent viewing live content on YouTube.

Overall, viewing hours dropped slightly during Q2 2019 (-2%). However, the report highlights that this is minimal and unlikely to affect the app’s long-term performance.

Meanwhile, competitor YouTube ranks second with 19.5% of live-streamed content. The company reached a new milestone of 284 million hours viewed in May 2019.

Facebook Gaming grew to 5.3% of viewership hours during the second quarter, ahead of Mixer (3%).

Approximately 75% of Twitch’s views went to the top 5,000 streamers on the app (2 billion views).

Meanwhile, the top 200 channels were losing views to smaller channels.

The majority of top five streaming channels were using Twitch to produce videos, monetise and engage users.

E-sports made up less than 24.2% of the top 200 channels on the app.

The report also notes that the top five games in the app (Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Just Chatting and Dota 2) all saw a drop in viewership. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V, Just Chatting, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft made gains.

Overall, the report highlights that Twitch continues to increase its importance as a social media platform.

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