Twin Prime speeds up mobile content by eliminating mobile latency

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Mobile data delivery optimisation company Twin Prime yesterday announced the launch of its new analytics dashboard which gives mobile product managers an overview of which of their mobile content needs to be accelerated.

Twin Prime’s Analytics Dashboard delivers mobile app performance metrics

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According to Twin Prime, consumers are spending 82% of their time using apps on mobile devices. Hence, app speed and responsiveness are important for improved user experience. Supporting these findings, Dimensional Research found that 96% of those surveyed believe app performance to be critical, with 48% having previously uninstalled apps when they performed too slow.

App performance is critical to many users

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Kartik Chandrayana, CEO and Co-founder, Twin Prime, agrees:


“We know that users leave apps for two reasons – either the quality of content is not very good or the quality of experience is not optimal and too slow. While content quality has increased significantly over the past few years, mobile apps still load three times slower than desktops, causing 80% of users to either delete the app or look for alternatives. Our new dashboard finally makes it possible for mobile product managers to analyze and control content delivery speeds to minimize the occurrence of users leaving their app.”

The Twin Prime Analytics Dashboard will allow product managers to monitor an app’s performance based on speed, response time, errors and other metrics. It also measures the impact that speed has on app engagement and user action. Further, it tracks carrier, domain and device performance and detects anomalies within apps. Content acceleration parameters are fully adjustable by marketers. The tool is available immediately for Twin Prime customers.

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