Tremor Video expands partnership with Alphonso to boost mobile video ad retargeting

tremor video

Source: Tremor Video

Tremor Video, which provides software for video advertisers, has just announced an expansion to its exclusive partnership with TV data firm Alphonso that ensures all its video buying platform clients will be able to access the real-time TV viewership data for retargeting provided by Alphonso.
Alphonso provides a content recognition technology that retargets audiences exposed to TV shows or ads across various devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. For example, if a consumer is watch a TV show, the network can deliver mobile video adverts to that customer at the same time.
Ashish Chordia, Founder and CEO of Alphonso, explained that viewership targeting would be available on a one-to-one basis.
ashish chordia

“Tremor Video will now be able to offer brands the ability to extend their TV campaigns to digital and measure engagement, attribution and effectiveness of their sync and retargeting campaigns across all platforms leveraging the largest TV audience and real-time TV Insights product.”

The two companies first partnered in 2016. Since then, they have been working to explore new ways to boost their technology and retarget ads to moviegoers’ smartphones in real-time.
For Tremor Video clients the latest expansion means that TV viewership data is easily accessible and ads can be adjusted accordingly for greater reach and frequency.

Source: Alphonso

Lauren Wiener, President of Buyer Platforms at Tremor Video, says:
lauren wiener

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership, offering a first-to-market opportunity across all categories. Our goal is to help marketers utilize TV and in-theater viewership data in the most impactful way possible. By tapping into these precise consumer insights, this partnership allows marketers to ‘own the living room’ by extending their reach into high-performing, viewable, and fraud-free inventory on over 40 million devices in 30 million households.”

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