Travelers are more accepting of mobile adverts whilst away from home

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Targeting mobile users whilst their away from home traveling opens up a new opportunity for local marketers to reach them. Now, a report by Vpon, the big data advertising technology firm, has examined user behavioural differences between away and home regions across Asia Pacific.
The company identified that 6.15 million of Chinese tourists traveled outbound with an approximate spending of $14.5 billion during their trip. In addition, Chinese tourists aren’t shy to log onto the web whilst away. Indeed, in 2017 Chinese travelers logged on an average fives times the amount they logged on during 2016.
Using American Express as an example, the report highlights that Chinese consumers are now making $8.4 trillion in card payments with China leading the card payments sector worldwide.
American Express began to target Chinese card holder by promoting the overseas advantages of its credit cards.
The company utilised Vpon’s 360 degree cross-border marketing solution to target 5% of passport holders in China before a trip. During a trip, the campaign delivered offers from local merchants, and subsequently identified audiences who had shown an interest in American Express product before and during the campaign to identify suitable audiences for retargeting.
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The American Express campaign increased the number of overseas transactions by 260% with a 500% increase in overseas transaction revenue.
Vpon advises that marketers do plan their cross-border marketing strategies at least two to three months ahead since travelers tend to plan ahead as well.
The mobile advertising company also took a closer look at Japan tourism with Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong travelers being the main source contributing to Japan’s tourism industry.
The year-on-year trend clearly shows an increase in visitors to Japan.
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Among those who use their mobile devices whilst visiting Japan, the majority use communications apps, but also travel and local information apps to navigate their journey. These categories offer prime opportunities to boost ad messaging and suggest local deals.
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Indeed, travelers aren’t shy to spend cash whilst away with Chinese tourists spending the most on cosmetics, medicine and health goods as well as confectioneries. Hong Kong tourists rank second and spend the majority of their travel budgets on clothing, food and drink as well as health care goods.
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Mobile is the key platform for travelers to get information whilst away from home.
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And this leads them to be more accepting of mobile ads. Click-through rates were up 59% for Chinese tourists whilst traveling in Japan, compared to 20% for Taiwanese and 7% for Hong Kong travelers.
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Advertisers should take note that targeting needs to tread carefully between morning, day time and evening activities. Whilst morning and night time ads should help mobile users to enrich their day time experiences, day time ads themselves should remain non-intrusive.
Victor Wu, CEO at Vpon Big Data Group, explains:

“Cross-border mobile marketing is predicted to have a strong growth in the coming decades as marketers are desperate to broaden their customer base and revenue streams, rather than solely maintain local markets. Until now, even when many marketers have already experienced the power of tourism gold mine in some level, most of them are fail to execute campaigns in a sustainable manner. The commonly used practice, media buying on travel-related platforms, is no longer the only way to reach out the tourists. Through mobile devices, we can actualize the audience buying and connect with the tourists in all three stages (before-, during-, and after-trip), which provide the seamless brand experience throughout their entire journey.”

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