Travel marketers plan to increase ad spend on Facebook and Instagram campaigns

The majority of travel marketers in the APAC region (72%) plan to increase their digital ad spend in 2019, according to new research by Sojern, the data-driven travel marketing company.

The majority of marketers are focusing on increasing ad spend within digital channels, led by Facebook and Instagram (23%), followed by paid search (19%), private marketplace (12%), programmatic (10%), video (9%) and mobile (9%).

It’s not difficult to see why Facebook and Instagram are attractive to travel marketers given their huge global scale and the ability to target niche audiences.

Unsurprisingly, over half (55%) of travel marketers plan to increase spend in the two platforms.

However, given the rapid growth of ad channels and opportunities, marketers are realising that they are quickly facing unique challenges. Indeed, 46% said that personalised ads in real-time were a top challenge, followed by achieving ROI, targeting travellers at specific times during their journey and keeping up with new technologies.

Using video and visuals has emerged as another powerful opportunity for marketers to tell their stories. That’s why 54% of respondents said they planned to use YouTube ads whilst 50% want to use Instagram Stories and 49% are choosing Facebook Stories in the future.

61% of travel marketers now use data to target travellers based on intention and it’s proving effective with 60% adding that it gave them better visibility into traveller behaviour across websites. Another 59% added that they activated data to understand where customers may jump ship along the path to purchase.

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