Learn Online Ad Essentials – Traffic Tracking, Part II: Attribution features for our publishers and integrations

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Posted: January 31, 2017

In an earlier entry we focused on the definition of what we call “attribution” (that great unknown concept) in this article we want to go deeper into the use we make of this concept in Kimia.
Let us briefly recall that attribution is successfully matching all traffic characteristics, sources, sub-sources, internal attributes… of our publishers to the final statistics, that includes the revenue generated.
In Kimia, what we understand as “characteristics of origin” which we attribute to the traffic, could be divided into three:

  • Fixed Features:
    • Publisher: who sends us traffic.
    • Channel: the website, application, or sub-source of fixed traffic defined by the publisher.
    • Ad-code / Zone-id: this corresponds to an integration where the publisher sends us the traffic (a banner of a certain size, a redirect, a pop up, …)
  • Variable characteristics: In the URL that we give the publisher to publish our integrations we allow values to be sent to four parameters that will also be stored in the attribution. Usually these parameters are used by our publishers for information regarding the position of the creative, the page in which it appears, or other data related to the sub-sources that you want to assign. These parameters are: af, mk, ext1 and ext2. Later we will talk about them when we go over statistics.
  • Click identifier: Some of our publishers have their own attribution system, so they prefer to send us a click identifier that we will send them back by postback, in case a payment event is confirmed. Through this click identifier, the publisher will be able to make its own attribution.

Both fixed and variable characteristics will be stored in our statistics, so that our publishers can make queries, filters and groupings for those characteristics and can see the attribution assigned to them in terms of prints, clicks, conversions and generated revenue. In addition, traffic characteristics, such as the country of origin, operator and device, will also be associated.
In general, our publishers choose our dashboard to check their statistics. With these stats, publishers are provided with all characteristics of the attributions, except for the variable characteristics ext1 and ext2.
Kimia’s platform dashboard

Some of our publishers prefer to request the stats in CSV file format, to integrate later in their own statistics. These reports also contain all attribution features, however, they do not contain data for the af and mk variables.
Signed Kimia ́s Tech Team

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