Traffic Monitoring And Fraud Detection

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Partner Post - Kimia Premium Online Advertising

Posted: July 13, 2017

Maintaining a high standard of the quality traffic is essential to any long-standing ad network or affiliate, and it has been a key factor in Kimia’s success and something we are continually working to improve. We’ve dedicated large technical resources and staff in order to monitor each and everyone of our sources of traffic, identifying and analyzing patterns of behavior to ensure every click is sent to the offer with the highest probability of conversion, as well as establishing ratios of fraud.
We retrieve terabytes of information associated with each print, click and conversion that passes through our platform to later be processed by our traffic monitoring system. This system is responsible for both the filtering and storage of the information received and the subsequent analysis using machine learning algorithms.
As a result of this analysis, a series of rules are created to be applied in real time to the traffic sources, guaranteeing that the quality of the traffic is always the best.
Traffic analysis depends on many factors, but one of the most important is the business model. For example, fraudulent activity that affects CPM are not the same activities that greatly affect CPA or CPI offers. In this way, our traffic analysis algorithms are different per model.
In CPM model the major fraudulent activity comes  from proxies, traffic generated by bot farms or traffic coming from the same geographic location. By contrast, on CPI we usually find fraud techniques that affect the quality of the actual installs. Here we find installs simulated by bots, maliciously incentivized traffic (not to be confused with incentive traffic), or from device emulators. In general, Kimia focuses on detecting a traffic behavior change. The indicators of possible fraud are significant variations in the distribution of device types, in the conversion ratio of a certain IP addresses or even in the intervals between actions.
So, why does Kimia dedicate time and effort in maintaining quality traffic and how does this benefit our direct publishers overall? The answer is simple, it’s about trust. Our advertisers trust us and rely on our sources because they know we work hard to make sure that fraudulent traffic does not reach their offers, therefore they are happy to give us a higher CPA for our traffic. We also alert publishers on which sources are identified as fraudulent so they can stop wasting their buys on low-quality or fraudulent sources.
In simple terms, being vigilant with a fraud detection equals better payment terms for our publishers and therefore more revenue per click.

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