Top Mobile Video Advertising Platforms 2016


Mobile video advertising and content is soaring in 2016. It’s predicted that mobile video viewing will surpass desktop video this year. And, the latest figures reveal people spend on average 39 minutes a day watching video on mobile devices, compared with 24 minutes watching videos on desktop. If you’re an app developer looking to earn money from mobile advertising, or acquire more users, then mobile video advertising could be a smart strategy.

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An IAB survey suggests programmatic buying for digital video will continue to rise, presenting huge opportunities for app developers. Programmatic buying for mobile video is expected to reach 41% in 2016, up from 26% in 2014. As a result, many mobile ad networks and platforms are planning to expand their video capabilities. Some are already surging ahead. Startups such as LoopMe are using programmatic advertising, intelligent targeting and a full range of mobile video ad formats to deliver data-driven video advertising.

Choosing a mobile video advertising platform

For video advertising to truly succeed in the app economy it requires sophisticated targeting and non-obtrusive ad formats for better user engagement. A good mobile ad platform will offer flexible revenue models and features, engaging ad formats, and detailed analytics and reports. Many of the platforms below offer data and intelligent targeting tools to deliver effective mobile video advertising campaigns.

When choosing a mobile ad platform, you’ll need to consider how much control it offers you. For example, how often will ads be shown? How can you filter ads? How well do the networks match your audience? The better the match the more profitable your monetization strategy will be. Video advertising is also a great way for developers to raise the profile of their mobile games and apps and acquire valuable users. The range of video ad formats is also very important. Incentivized video is increasingly popular; and changing viewing behaviour, along with a shortening average attention span, calls for innovative video formats.
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Mobile Advertising Platforms

See all mobile app advertising companies to find the best fit for your business.

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Whether they’re cross-platform or mobile-only ad services, these platforms all have a strong focus on mobile video advertising. You’ll also find plenty more options in our app monetization or user acquisition directory.

The full list:

Facebook App Ads


Facebook launched app install ads, in 2012, to help app developers use paid campaigns to acquire new users. Its targeting capabilities are huge (including user interests and behaviours) thanks to its user profile database of more than a billion users.

For mobile video ad campaigns you can choose between Facebook’s standard video ads or premium video ads (to reach a specific audience over a short period of time). Publishers who show Facebook’s Audience Network Ads to monetize their apps now benefit from new ad formats including auto-play video ads.

  • Key features: huge user base and advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Promote your mobile app with Facebook Adverts.

Facebook Mobile App Ads for Engagement and Conversions.


Appnext logo

Appnext is a monetization and app distribution platform, founded in 2012 by Elad Nantason and Eran Kariti. Its self-serve platform works on a CPI basis so advertisers can optimize their bids and target their preferred audience. In 2015, Appnext launched its native ad solution allowing app developers to show and distribute contextually relevant app trailers on a CPI basis. Native ads are available through various channels including native ads API feed (featuring 1,000 unique worldwide video campaigns), full screen interstitial, and rewarded video ads.

  • Key features: a community of over 30,000 developers, CPI-based video ads.
  • Tagline: Mobile monetization and app distribution platform.

How to build a successful CPI campaign by Appnext.



Leadbolt is an award-winning mobile user acquisition and monetization platform for app developers and advertisers. With offices in Australia and the US, Leadbolt is rapidly expanding and serves clients in over 165 countries.

You can connect with premium ad partners in the Direct Deals Marketplace and optimize revenue with high performing ad formats that include video ads, interstitials, rewarded video ads and custom native ads (that seamlessly fit with your app layout and content).

  • Key features: high impact ad formats and built in analytics.
  • Tagline: High performance mobile advertising platform, user acquisition and app monetization.

Leadbolt high performance rewarded video.



Vungle is a leading in-app video advertising platform. Founded in 2011, Vungle offers a programmatic video ad exchange to deliver high quality users. Publishers can monetize through in-app video ads that blend into their app’s content. Flexible placements mean publishers can control when their users see ads.

Vungle Premium offers a programmatic private marketplace. Advertisers can use the tools to identify apps at their peak, for better advertising opportunities, and find their desired target audience through demographic usage data.

  • Key features: in-app video advertising specialists, a programmatic private marketplace.
  • Tagline: The leading mobile in-app video advertising platform for performance marketers.

Introducing Vungle exchange.



AdColony is a mobile video advertising and monetization platform. The company’s advanced targeting tools and audience management platform help advertisers hone in on the right users. And, HD mobile video formats with dynamic ends cards help drive user engagement.

Its Instant-Play™ video technology means ads play instantly with no buffering, regardless of connection strength or device type. Ad formats include pre/mid/post roll video, interstitial, native in-feed and rewarded video. AdColony recently released Compass, a suite of marketing automation tools for publishers to grow, engage and retain users, and monetize.

  • Key features: Instant-Play™ HD video, marketing automation tools.
  • Tagline: The leading mobile video advertising platform.

AdColony Instant-Play™ head-to-head performance comparison.



NativeX is a mobile advertising platform for mobile games and apps. Founded in 2000, by twin brothers Rob and Ryan Weber, NativeX was recently acquired by Chinese mobile ad platform Mobvista.

For developers looking to monetize their apps, NativeX uses predictive analytics to increase ad relevancy and revenue. It offers a wide range of ad formats including interstitials, Lightening Play™ video (HD video ads without lag), opt-in video, and Triad (where players choose their ad experience). For user acquisition, NativeX provides flexible pricing models and real-time reporting so you can monitor the success of your campaigns.

  • Key features: Lightening Play™ HD video ads, rewarded and non-rewarded formats, uses predictive analytics to maximise eCPM.
  • Tagline: The leading native ad technology for mobile games.

Showcase of NativeX ad units.



UnityAds is a monetization and user acquisition platform for mobile games. Unity acquired Applifier, in 2014, which saw Applifier’s mobile video ad network GamesAds become UnityAds.

Big names such as Sega, use UnityAds to monetize their entire player base with Rewarded video ads. Its proprietary targeting technology helps developers attract high quality users and rewarded ads integrate into a publishers’ core gameplay. With UnityAds, you can optimize campaign performances in real-time and access Unity analytics to help you improve your campaigns and player experience.

  • Key features: gaming expertise, video only, rewarded video ads.
  • Tagline: Supercharge your game.

How to get the most from video ads: lesson from successful developers. Panel talk at Unite Europe 2016.



Inneractive is a programmatic mobile ad marketplace with a focus on native and video ads. Founded in 2007, Inneractive helps app developers monetize their apps without disrupting the user experience. Its Unified Auction feature allows parallel bidding by RTB and non-RTB demand sources, and creative ad units help increase user engagement. Inneractive’s technology lets you buy and sell video programmatically, at scale. Video ad formats include pre-roll video, native video and interstitial video.

  • Key features: programmatic mobile ad exchange, native and video ads.
  • Tagline: The mobile ad exchange.

Bite-size insights about mobile video by Inneractive’s Co-Founder Offer Yehudai.

YouTube Mobile Video Ads


YouTube boasts one billion unique users per month and is a powerhouse that cannot be ignored when it comes to mobile video advertising. YouTube’s range of ad formats include InStream Video ads, Mobile Roadblocks (that appear on the home, browse and search pages of YouTube mobile). and Brand Channel. Video ad formats include skippable and non-skippable ads. Its in-built analytics lets you see how your ad is performing and you can run multiple ads simultaneously to see which brings the best results. YouTube has launched a six-second video ad format for mobile, called Bumper, in response to changing viewing habits.

  • Key features: huge reach, various video ad formats and in-built analytics.
  • Tagline: N/A.

Homer Simpson gets to grips with YouTube video ads.


Chocolate by Vdopia Logo

Vdopia is a global programmatic platform specifically for mobile video advertising. Founded in 2008, the company’s programmatic exchange, called Chocolate, is a mobile video-only platform. Control is placed in the audience’s hands, as ads can be set to start on mute so they don’t interrupt the user’s experience. Vdopia’s .VDO technology allows publishers to turn their current display inventory to video to earn higher eCPM.

  • Key features: mobile video-only programmatic platform, user preference controls for ads.
  • Tagline: A programmatic platform for mobile video advertising.

Demo of Vdopia’s mobile video ads.


propellerads logo

PropellerAds is an online advertising company that helps mobile developers to monetise their apps and acquire new users. Its ad platform allows thousands of advertisers and third-party ad networks to bid for your inventory and you can track your revenue with in-depth reports. For user acquisition you can advertise with a CPA/CPL performance model or switch to CPM bidding. Video ad formats include pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and pre-game.

  • Key features: Easy sign-up process and 100% malware free ads.
  • Tagline: Leading multi-channel advertising network for content publishers, brands and marketers.

PropellerAds presents the self-serve advertising platform.



YuMe is a multi-screen video advertising company, founded in 2004. Its data-driven technologies allow targeted advertising across a range of internet-connected devices (including computer, smartphone, and tablet). Its video ad management software allows one creative to run as an ad unit across all connected screens and matches better content to your app over time. With YuMe’s technology, publishers can access major demand sources, get audience insights and monitor traffic quality.

  • Key features: multi-screen video advertising, audience aware SDKs for higher CPMs and fill rates.
  • Tagline: data science-driven video advertising.

YuMe Audience Amplifier.



AppLovin is a marketing automation and analytics platform using real-time data to drive mobile user engagement and revenue. Their platform connects app developers to over 300 major brands and over one billion mobile consumers worldwide. Last year, AppLovin revealed that video makes up 35% of its business.

For user acquisition, AppLovin uses data to determine the most relevant apps based on user interests to drive installs. In-depth analytics help improve ad efficiency and 24/7 end-to-end support is available if needed. Ad formats include interstitials, video and native ads.

  • Key features: data-drive recommendations, guaranteed payment 15 days after each month.
  • Tagline: Marketing automation and analytics.

AppLovin – the fastest growing mobile advertising company.



Tapjoy is an app monetization and user acquisition platform with a global monthly reach of 520 million users. Their predictive analytics technology predicts each users’ future value and is offered free when you monetize with Tapjoy.

Its user acquisition solution offers several bidding models including Pay-Per-Install, Pay-Per-Engagement and Video-To-Install (showing video trailers to encourage users to download your app). And, advertisers can build awareness and engagement using Tapjoy Video Plus (instant play HD video ads).

  • Key features: audience segment targeting, free for app publishers who monetize with Tapjoy.
  • Tagline: Leading mobile app platform.

How Tapjoy works for mobile developers – the Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange.



Chartboost is the largest games-only platform for developers to grow revenue and acquire new users. Founded in 2011, its network now reaches over one billion monthly active users.

With its games-focus, Chartboost offers free cross promotion and a free developer-to-developer direct deals marketplace. App analytics provide full transparency into who is advertising in your game and how often their ads are shown. High quality interstitial and rewarded video ads deliver the most engaging experience.

  • Key features: games-only network, HD video ads, easy to setup with a few lines of code.
  • Tagline: Grow mobile game revenue with Chartboost.

Announcing Chartboost Video Version 2.



LoopMe is the world’s largest mobile video platform with a global reach of over one billion consumers. Founded in 2012, by Stephen Upstone and Marco de Bergh, LoopMe uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements in real-time for better results.

Publishers can use LoopMe to manage and optimize their inventory for the highest revenues and enhance the user experience with HD video, native video, and full screen HTML5 formats. For user acquisition, their video ads with direct response end cards can link to your app store download page.

  • Key features: global scale, high quality ad formats including native video ads.
  • Tagline: the world’s largest mobile video platform.

The holy trinity of mobile: video, data and artificial intelligence, at a publisher event by the LoopMe Team 2016.

Beachfront Media


Beachfront Media distributes and monetizes videos across all screens. Founded in 2007, the Florida-based company’s products include, a programmatic video ad platform which supports in-app advertising and mobile web. Beachfront lets you manage desktop, mobile app, mobile web, tablet and CTV video ad inventory under one platform.

Targeting options for advertisers include geo-fencing (based on an audience’s physical location), social targeting (with Twitter following targeting) and content targeting (based on the video content viewers have opted to watch). Video ad types include pre/mid/post roll video, interstitials, outstream and in-feed units.

  • Key features: cross-screen inventory and ad management, and advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Leaders in video technology.

Beachfront Media’s Video SSP.

One by AOL


One by AOL is a mobile marketplace for the world’s top brands, publishers and app developers. AOL acquired Millennial Media last year and has since rolled all its publisher products into One by AOL. The programmatic solution has a strong focus on mobile and video but allows publishers to monetize across every format and channel.

This year, AOL announced two new video players to improve the viewer experience and maximise revenue for publishers. Out-stream player lives in the body of an article and starts playing when 50% of it is visible on screen. In-line player with SideView means that as a viewer scrolls, the video resizes and pins itself to the side of the content so that it never obstructs text.

  • Key features: Video marketplace, real-time audience data and cross-channel insights.
  • Tagline: One platform. Infinite solutions. Real results.

Mobile Video Advertising by Millennial Media now part of One by AOL.


If you’re looking for more ways to build your brand or monetize your app with video advertising be sure to check out the mobile ad platforms in our user acquisition and app monetization directory.

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