Top Mobile DSPs 2016

Peter Keung

In Mobile Advertising. March 23, 2016

Top Mobile DSPs 2016
The value of a mobile demand side platform (DSP) lies in its transparency. Mobile DSPs allow you to buy mobile ad inventory, across a range of publishers, through a single platform. You can see the market rate for every impression you buy, control which exchanges you want to buy across and how much you want to bid. Not only that, mobile DSPs use data from publishers, advertisers, ad tech companies and third-parties to make media buying more efficient and match ads to audiences, in real-time.

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UK mobile ad spend is set to grow 35%, in 2016. That’s a whopping 27% of all UK media ad spend, topping the country’s TV ad spend for the first time. As mobile continues to gain momentum, advertisers face the challenge of ensuring the best possible return from their mobile ad campaigns.
Mobile DSPs are designed to tackle the many challenges of mobile advertising, including targeting and the need for a positive user experience. Recent advances in technology mean that mobile DSPs can now track models, operating systems, screen size, location and more. The past year has seen a huge shift towards mobile programmatic buying, as advertisers begin to reap the rewards of sophisticated targeting and measurement capabilities.
How to choose a mobile DSP
Not sure where to start? When choosing a mobile DSP there are some key questions to consider: how many inventory sources does it access? Does that include app and mobile web inventory? A larger reach gives you the best chance of finding the most effective impressions. Which third-party data integrations does it offer? What targeting criteria is available? The success of programmatic campaigns depend largely on the strength of data available to target audiences. Finally, how sophisticated are its algorithms? The most effective automatic optimisation will win the most bids at the most competitive prices.
To help you make your decision check out our list of the top mobile DSPs for 2016 and their best features…
The full list:

StrikeAd by Sizmek
StrikeAd mobile DSP logo
StrikeAd is a programmatic mobile advertising platform founded in 2010. Acquired by Sizmek in 2015, StrikeAd’s dedicated mobile DSP was integrated into the Sizmek MDX Platform, enabling advertisers to accelerate growth through programmatic and premium publisher relationships.
StrikeAd offers both a fully-managed or self-service solution for running campaigns and its Fusion platform allows media planning and buying agencies to set up private marketplace strategies alongside open exchange buys for optimal campaign performance.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, advanced targeting, private marketplaces (PMP), dedicated to mobile.
  • Tagline: N/A.

StrikeAd: The Movie (5 min edit).

Fiksu is a mobile marketing technology company, founded in 2008. The Boston-based firm connects brands, agencies and app advertisers to targeted mobile audiences.
Fiksu has spent over five years developing a DSP with mobile-focussed RTB performance algorithm for efficient spend. The DSP allows for programmatic buying across RTB exchanges and can optimise your campaigns in real-time based on publisher, device, creative and more. Fiksu has enhanced its targeting toolset with Mobile Audience Platform, including over 250 different user personas and targeting by mobile device IDs.

  • Key features: Device ID targeting, programmatic buying, and premium inventory.
  • Tagline: Data-fuelled mobile marketing.

Fiksu’s Chief Strategy Officer, Craig Palli, talks about the future of mobile.

Applift logo
AppLift is a data-driven technology company that empowers mobile app advertisers to acquire and re-engage quality users at scale. Headquartered in Berlin, AppLift acquired mobile DSP Bidstalk in 2015.
Having integrated Bidstalk’s technology, AppLift’s mobile media buying platform DataLift now provides access to over 30 programmatic mobile display, video and native SSPs and exchanges, and other supply sources through its self-service platform. Datalift’s technology utilises first and third-party data to optimise media buys, while real-time analytics let you measure and optimise campaign performance.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying and data integration.
  • Tagline: Data-driven app marketing.

Hey Startups visits AppLift, Berlin’s mobile advertising and marketing technology platform.

Pocketmath logo
PocketMath is the world’s largest self-serve mobile advertising platform for buying programmatic real-time bidding inventory. Headquartered in Singapore, PocketMath has offices around the world including a burgeoning presence in China and Japan.
PocketMath’s programmatic buying system bids on impressions based on targeting parameters. The company’s mobile DSP offers extensive targeting options including location, device, cherry-pick apps, wifi/carrier, and time of day scheduling.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, advanced targeting and global reach.
  • Tagline: Real-time bidding for mobile ads.

PocketMath uses Amazon Web Services to process 30 billion auctions daily and keep focus on customers.

Consumer Acquisition
Consumer acquisition logo
Consumer Acquisition is a social advertising technology company with fully managed services. Founded in 2013, by Brian Bowman, the company offers its self-service ad management software, AdRules™, for optimising and managing social ad campaigns.
AdRules™ is designed specifically for mobile app advertising and lead generation on Facebook and Instagram. It helps brands, direct response advertisers and agencies achieve performance at scale with social advertising. The platform’s features include advanced reporting, bulk creation tools, A/B testing, and ad building in Facebook Power Editor.

  • Key features: No SDK required, social advertising and advanced analytics.
  • Tagline: Facebook and Instagram mobile app and lead generation advertising.

Consumer Acquisition homepage.

Liftoff logo
Liftoff is a mobile app marketing and re-targeting platform, founded in 2012. The company’s CPA-optimised platform enables marketers to run ad campaigns focussed on finding users who will make meaningful actions beyond the install. For advertisers without an app, Liftoff offers app-to-web advertising campaigns.
Liftoff taps into a database of over 2 billion mobile user profiles to find your most engaged users. Cortex optimises your campaigns by determining the best performing user profiles and inventory sources for your app to scale installs. Once your target CPI has been reached, campaigns are optimised and switched to a CPA payout model.

  • Key features: Mobile acquisition, CPA model, and user-based targeting.
  • Tagline: Mobile app marketing and re-targeting.

Video on mobile CPA marketing with

Avazu Mobile DSP
Avazu mobile DSP logo
Avazu Mobile DSP is a leading advertising platform founded in 2009, by Yi Shi. Avazu Mobile DSP is a self-serve mobile advertising platform, connected to over 20 ad exchanges, for global reach.
The platform uses real-time bidding and real-time reporting to maximise revenues for advertisers and offers a white label mobile DSP solution for agencies. There are also plenty of targeting options including location, device, network speed, and in-app versus web.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, real-time reporting and 100% self-service.
  • Tagline: A self-serve mobile advertising platform.

Avazu Mobile DSP video.

Smaato Logo
Smaato is a global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Founded in 2005, Smaato runs the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange.
The company’s platform allows advertisers to plug in to Smaato’s RTB ad exchange, providing access to quality inventory from over 90,000 publishers worldwide. Real-time bidding functionality improves the efficiency of your ad campaigns, and you can adjust budgets and advertising media based on your targeting criteria.

  • Key features: Real-time bidding and global reach.
  • Tagline: N/A.

Smaato Presents: Mobile Programmatic Persepctives No. 1

Merchenta logo
Merchenta helps marketers engage consumers across social, affiliate and display networks. The company boasts 95% online consumer reach in the USA, Europe and UK.
Merchenta’s DSP offers programmatic advertising for marketers and agencies to drive revenue from their online campaigns across desktop, Facebook and mobile. The platform’s functionality includes, real-time bidding, automatic campaign optimisation and real-time reporting, as well as lots of targeting options such as device, carrier and geo targeting. Merchenta’s mobile DSP offers mobile-specific capabilities including a rich mobile inventory and IDFA/Android ID targeting.

  • Key features: Real-time reporting, advanced targeting, white label DSP option.
  • Tagline: Programmatic advertising for marketers and agencies.

Merchenta presents: DSPs, RTB and programmatic buying: what is it and why should I care?


Trademob logo
Trademob is a leading international platform for programmatic mobile app advertising, founded in 2010. The Berlin-based company specialises in user acquisition, retention, and re-targeting using real-time bidding technology and its own DSP.
Trademob’s platform is connected to hundreds of SSPs, ad networks, RTB exchanges, and media partners with access to over 1 billion users worldwide. The demand side platform facilitates re-targeting through real-time bidding to reach inactive users at a more cost-effective rate.

  • Key features: Re-targeting through real-time bidding.
  • Tagline: Your platform for mobile app advertising.

Trademob presentation: fostering success with mobile RTB and accurate tracking.

Byyd is a mobile DSP that enables advertisers to connect with programmatically targeted audiences around the world. Headquartered in London, Byyd also has an office in Munich, Germany.
As well as a fully managed service, Byyd’s self-service platform (Madison) enables advertisers to reach audiences with performance, rich media, and video ad campaigns across a wide range of networks, agencies, group and independent trading desks. Madison boasts precise audience targeting using first and third-party data.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, advanced targeting that utilises third-party data.
  • Tagline: Precise mobile advertising.

Byyd’s Jay Fowdar presents: Making sense of programmatic buying.

Taptica logo
Taptica is a mobile advertising technology company, founded in 2012. The company’s mobile demand side platform provides data-driven solutions for mobile video and social advertising.
Taptica’s technology offers a Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP), using big data for advanced audience targeting. And, advertisers can maximise engagement and revenue through mobile re-targeting on a CPA basis. Taptica works with over 450 advertisers including Amazon, Disney and Expedia to name just a few.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, data-driven, and advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Data-driven solutions for mobile video, and social advertising.

Introduction to Taptica video.

Tamome logo
Tamome is a boutique mobile DSP, founded in 2012 and headquartered in London. The company’s managed DSP offers real-time bidding buying capabilities, and advanced tracking and analytics under one platform.
Tamome’s programmatic systems allow precise targeting and optimisation based on the needs of advertisers’ campaigns. Meanwhile, testing campaigns and A/B testing help do the groundwork for your CPA campaigns.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying and advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Targeted mobile media.

Tamome homepage.

Bidsopt logo
Bidsopt is a leading mobile DSP, founded in 2014 and headquartered in India. The company’s programmatic buying platform for mobile enables advertisers to reach the right audience using advanced targeting and performance optimisation.
The self-serve platform gives you control of your campaigns while Bidsopt offers technical support 24/7, should you need it. There are plenty of targeting options including geography, time of day, device, wifi/carrier; and you can blacklist or whitelist apps or sites from any exchanges.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, advanced targeting, self-serve platform with technical support.
  • Tagline: Programmatic buying platform for mobile.

Bidsopt presentation: Mobile DSP for Native and Rich Media Ads.

Jampp logo
Jampp is an app marketing and re-engagement platform, founded in 2011. Jampp works on a cost per install (CPI) basis, optimising your campaigns for volume and quality conversion.
The platform aggregates over 150 ad networks, RTB exchanges and publishers and uses big data to optimise your campaigns in real-time. Jampp’s technology combines targeting metrics including device, operating system, language, and engagement; and measures success by every conversion, sale or engagement achieved post-install.

  • Key features: Cost per Install (CPI) payment model and global reach.
  • Tagline: A technology start-up with a mobile obsession.

Joana Picq at Jampp presents: Leveraging RTB to promote mobile apps.


Yeahmobi logo
Yeahmobi is a performance-based mobile advertising network and platform, founded in 2009 and focussed on user acquisition and monetisation for mobile apps globally.
Yeahmobi’s demand-side platform (DSP) helps advertisers control and optimise their campaigns, and drive the best ad placement value through programmatic buying. Integrated with top ad exchanges including Smaato, Doubleclick Ad Exchange and Mopub; the DSP utilises real-time bidding to target the best demographic for your product.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, behavioural tracking, and flexible pricing model.
  • Tagline: Programmatic advertising and re-targeting platform.

Yeahmobi slideshare: the leading mobile performance marketing platform.

AdGoji logo
AdGoji is an ad tech agency, founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam. Specialising in mobile in-app advertising optimisation, AdGoji’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) uses real-time bidding to programmatically buy in-app ad space and deliver engaged customers.
AdGoji’s DSP gives you access to high quality inventory from thousands of apps in over 100 countries, and optimisation options include clicks (CTR), installs (CPI), acquisitions (CPA), and retargeting.

  • Key features: Mobile in-app advertising and programmatic buying.
  • Tagline: Mobile customers delivered.

AdGoji homepage.
AdGoji Mobile DSP

Go2Mobi logo
Go2Mobi is a leading mobile advertising platform with access to mobile ad inventory on over 200,000 apps and mobile websites. Founded by Tom Desaulniers and Gavin Aitken, in 2011, Go2Mobi’s DMP boasts advanced audience targeting technology, using mobile-originated data to create and define consumer personas.
Go2Mobi’s programmatic mobile DSP provides advertisers with targeting, reporting and optimisation controls for the best ad performance. Ad Placement is 100% transparent, third-party data is integrated, and features include GPS, carrier/wifi, and device targeting and frequency capping.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, advanced targeting and total transparency.
  • Tagline: Advertising in the mobile moment.

Introduction to Go2Mobi – The Mobile Audience Targeting Platform.

NetADge logo
NetADge is a leading self-service demand-side platform (DSP), headquartered in France. In 2015, mobile audience data was integrated into NetAdge’s DSP following a new partnership with mobile data platform Adsquare.
The mobile first DSP utilizes real-time bidding and deep targeting for better ad performance campaigns and includes rich media, video and native ad formats.

  • Key features: Self-service platform with advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Real-time mobile advertising made easy.

Slideshare introduction: Netadge – the mobile DSP.

The Mobile Majority
The Mobile Majority logo
The Mobile Majority is an ad tech startup with headquarters in Santa Monica, US. AdSynergy™ is the company’s integrated platform, helping advertisers to streamline their mobile ad buying process by providing tools for every stage of their campaigns: media, audience, creative and measurement.
The Mobile Majority’s all-in-one mobile DSP AdCast™ enables advertisers to choose from premium inventory sources, buy ads in real-time, and fully integrate with the company’s other products to target, optimise and track data. The platform also boasts a data processing speed five times faster than the average mobile DSP.

  • Key features: Integrated mobile ad platform, data tracking including third-party data.
  • Tagline: Making mobile work better for brands.

Video by The Mobile Majority: Mobile Viewability Explained.

Splicky logo
Splicky is a mobile demand side platform, founded in 2012, which offers a simple way to buy ad impressions from global mobile inventory using real-time bidding (RTB) technology.
Splicky’s DSP takes into account multiple targeting parameters to only bid on impressions which match your requirements. The self-service platform offers real-time analytics, performance transparency, and advanced targeting options including location, carrier/wifi, audience, app name and device.

  • Key features: Programmatic buying, self-service platform and advanced targeting.
  • Tagline: Smooth mobile advertising.

Video introduction to the Splicky platform.

Adelphic is a mobile and cross-device demand side platform with global reach. Founded in 2011, by Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Wang, Adelphic helps maximise mobile advertising investment through programmatic advertising.
The company’s patented technology recognises the consumer behind the device and assigns an ‘a-tag’ identifier, attaching dozens of targeting factors to each ad opportunity in real-time. The self-service platform includes a full set of campaign management tools; enabling users to plan, create, optimise and analyse their campaigns.

  • Key features: Advanced targeting, first and third-party data.
  • Tagline: N/A.

Adelphic’s Jennifer Lum shares key insights for programmatic video.

Appnext logo
Appnext is a leading monetisation and app distribution platform, founded in 2012. Its self-serve mobile DSP operates on a cost-per-install (CPI) bidding basis, allowing advertisers to reach the right customers and buy directly from the top performing publishers.
Appnext lets you run local and global campaigns in over 230 countries. The advanced reporting tools give you a clear view of your bids, placements and revenue.

  • Key features: Self-serve platform, CPI model, and global reach.
  • Tagline: Monetisation platform for native app discovery.

Appnext how-to guide: Building a successful CPI campaign.


MobFox DSP by MatomyMobfox
MobFox DSP is part of Matomy Media Group, a leading performance advertising company with headquarters in Tel Aviv. Matomy helps publishers and advertisers drive results from a variety of media channels and offers global coverage.
Using MobFox DSP, advertisers can buy media from MobFox SSP (with no bid fees) and access over 40,000 publishers. The real-time micro bidding tools allow you to set separate bids on each creative including video, native and banner ads.

  • Key features: Real-time micro bidding, advanced tracking and no bid fees.
  • Tagline: Achieve massive reach and results from your DSP.

Matomy Media Group: Game Changing Results in Mobile Advertising.


Every demand side platform is different and it’s not unusual for brands and marketers to use several to meet their needs. We hope this guide helps make your choices clearer. Think there’s a mobile DSP we’ve missed? Find out how to get listed.