Top Mobile Ad Servers 2016

Peter Keung

In Mobile Advertising. March 8, 2016

Why pick one ad network partner when you can pick hundreds? Mobile ad mediation technology makes multiple ad networks compete for your inventory, leading to better fill rates and maximum revenue from each impression. Not to mention the technical benefits of accessing ad networks with one Software Development Kit (SDK), instead of managing hundreds of SDK integrations directly.

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For many years the digital industry has served the needs of advertisers on the buying side but things are changing. With the development of real-time bidding (RTB) (allowing publishers to fill their inventory without a global sales force) and programmatic ad mediation (real-time auction based selling), could the mobile advertising industry finally be answering publishers’ needs?
Mobile ad servers with real-time bidding functionality open up publisher inventories to a buying market designed to maximise the value of each impression. They reduce the inefficiencies of working with multiple partners directly, by automating access to demand sources.
So what about the issue of targeting? On average, 60% of the impressions on an app come from 5 or more countries, according to Smaato. This global scale calls for better tools. Mobile ad servers provide greater control over how, when and to whom publisher ad inventory is sold. So, with the right tools, publishers can compare networks in real-time based on the geo-segments they wish to target. In addition, ads filled by the most relevant provider, in the most attractive formats (native ads, reward ads), lead to higher engagement – a win for all parties.
Many ad servers offer their own ad network as well as allowing you to plug in to your favourite ad networks for free. However, a number of unbiased ad mediation platforms have emerged, without their own advertising demand, to take the lead in optimising publisher ad revenue.
There is much to consider when choosing a mobile ad server: Do I have to use their SDK? Do they offer real time bidding and a private marketplace? What are the costs? What ad unit formats do they support? How much control do I have when it comes to targeting and optimisation? To find the right fit for you, check out our list of the top mobile ad servers for 2016, including a summary of their best features.  You can find more mobile ad servers in our mobile advertising directory.
Here’s the full list:

MoPub is the world’s largest ad server for mobile developers. Founded in 2010, by former Google and AdMob engineers Nafis Jamal, Bryan Atwood and Jim Payne; MoPub was acquired by Twitter in 2013.
MoPub Marketplace competes with your existing ad network partners and allows bidders to quote a price for ad impressions in real-time, leading to precise ad targeting and better revenues for both parties. The ad serving platform gives you total control of your ad inventory through campaign management, budgeting and targeting features; and ad formats include Image, text and tile and HTML creative types, banner, full screen interstitial, native, and custom formats.

  • Key features: MoPub Marketplace – the world’s largest real-time bidding exchange in mobile.
  • Tagline: Drive more mobile ad revenue.
  • Platforms: Android and iOS.

MoPub’s Helen Friedland explains how the Mopub Marketplace works.

AdMob by Google
AdMob by Google is an ad network specifically for mobile apps. Founded in 2006, in Mountain View USA, AdMob’s technology provides tools to monetise and promote apps and mobile sites. AdMob has expanded its ad mediation service, now covering 40 mediation partners including major networks such as Facebook and Twitter and, most recently, Chinese mobile ad network Tencent GDT.
Among its tools, AdMob offers Audience Builder for better targeting and native ads (currently available as a limited beta to participating publishers) to fit the visual style of apps and increase user engagement. Supported ad formats include banner, text interstitials, rich media and video.

  • Key Features: Native ads (beta), mediation service, ad network optimisation, cross-promote apps for free with AdMob house ads.
  • Tagline: Monetize your apps intelligently.
  • Platforms: Android and iOS, Unity and Cocos2d-x.

Custom audience targeting, with Admob’s Audience Builder.

Appodeal is a programmatic ad mediation solution for mobile apps. Founded in early 2015, by Pavel Golubev and Natalie Portier, Appodeal takes a publisher-centric approach with its supply-side platform for mobile apps.
App networks compete in real-time for ad impressions, with ad formats including video and native ad solutions. Appodeal recently announced new growth plans having raised $3.1m of investment, from top app publishing companies worldwide, to expand its ad marketplace.

  • Key features: Programmatic mediation, automatic optimisation (including automatic black-listing), immediate payouts, free for publishers.
  • Tagline: A better way to monetise mobile apps.
  • Platforms: Android and iOS.

Appodeal – Programmatic ad mediation for mobile apps.

Smaato Logo
Smaato is a global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Founded in 2005, with headquarters in San Francisco, Smaato offers a supply-side platform for managing ad inventory, and the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange for dealing with multiple ad networks.
Smaato connects publishers and app developers to over 450 demand partners, offering publishers global reach. Meanwhile, its Dynamic Demand technology allows for an auction to be held within the ad server while still accessing direct, indirect and programmatic channels to drive more revenue. Smaato supports native ads, VAST video, expandable and interactive banners, as well as standard ad units.

  • Key Features: Dynamic Demand solution, mobile first ad server, Native Ad Builder, Private Marketplace.
  • Tagline: The global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers.
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Mobile Programmatic Perspectives presented by Jay Hinman, Smaato’s VP of Marketing.

OpenX Mobile
OpenX Mobile offers one of the largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges to help publishers and developers maximise the value of each impression. OpenX Mobile’s robust SDK supports various ad formats including banner, native, interstitial, rich media and video.
As a global leader in programmatic advertising marketplaces, OpenX recently launched OpenX Bidder for Apps, allowing publishers to glean the true value of each impression in real-time by having the OpenX Exchange participate natively in the ad selection logic of their primary ad server. The OpenX App Solution includes a new feature, allowing multiple ad networks to compete simultaneously with real-time buyers in the OpenX Ad Exchange, reducing potential opportunity costs.

  • Key features: OpenX Bidder for Apps, programmatic advertising.
  • Tagline: N/A.
  • Platforms: Android and iOS.

OpenX Mobile Advertising Video.

Opera Mediaworks
Opera Mediaworks is a mobile advertising platform, founded in 2013 and based in San Mateo California. AdMarvel, the company’s ad-serving and mediation platform offers instant global ad supply from over 175 demand partners.
The AdMarvel Optimiser allows you to automatically channel site traffic towards top performing ad networks across geographical regions. In 2015, Opera Mediaworks announced the addition of Rewarded Ad Mediation, which enables publishers to present ads in exchange for user rewards e.g. a user opts to watch the ad in order to unlock premium content within the app. Supported ads formats include banner and interstitial, video, and native ads.

  • Key Features: Rewarded Ad Mediation, interactive TV ad inventory.
  • Tagline: N/A.
  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

Opera Mediaworks: State of mobile advertising.

Mobvista is a global mobile content distribution platform specialising in mobile advertising and game publishing. Founded in 2013, China-based Mobvista has helped many mobile games achieve significant success in Southeast Asia.
Using the Mobvista’s M System, publishers can customise their ad formats, monetise their traffic from multiple ad networks (including Facebook and AdMob), and run house ads to promote their own app. In March 2016, Mobvista acquired NativeX, who specialise in innovative native ad technology for mobile games and apps. NativeX’s robust native advertising platform includes Lightning Play video, offer walls, interstitials and other rich media ad formats.

  • Key Features: House ads, feature-rich SDK, NativeX’s native ad technology.
  • Tagline: Leading global mobile advertising platform.
  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

How to monetise your Android apps, by Mobvista.

MobFox is a mobile advertising company, founded in 2010 by Julian Zehetmayr and Maximilian Springer. The company’s ad mediation platform connects you with 31 mobile ad networks and allows you to set minimum CPMs per country and platform; while its real-time bidding exchange competes with your ad networks to secure the best price for ad impressions.
Supported ad formats include banner, interstitials, and full-screen video; while fully customisable native ads improve both your eCPM and the user experience.

  • Key Features: Free for publishers, native ads, dynamic allocation.
  • Tagline: The open mobile advertising platform.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Mobile Web.

MobFox – the Open Platform for Mobile Advertising on the Cloud.

Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company with headquarters in Berlin. In 2015, attracted by Falk Realtime’s SSP and ad serving technology, Fyber acquired the ad tech company. This year, the company launched Fyber Open Mediation, a program enabling app developers and publishers to work directly with a wide variety of quality ad network partners.
With its focus on the world of freemium apps, Fyber’s ad mediation service provides single integration for direct deals with major ad networks and customised delivery of ads to user segments. Supported ad formats include rewarded video ads, offer wall, and interstitial ads.

  • Key Features: Open mediation, audience segmentation.
  • Tagline: N/A.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air.

Fyber introduce the top trends driving the mobile ecosystem.



AerServ is a free SSP and monetisation platform for mobile publishers, founded in California in 2012. The company’s ad mediation platform allows you to plug into over 35 different ad networks via API, SDK or tags to take full control of your advertising partners, as well as benefit from real-time reporting.
Positioning itself as a mobile-first video mediation platform, Aerserv lets you fine tune your ad source using GEO, operating system or device targeting; and enjoy multiple ad format support with AerWall technology.

  • Key Features: Mobile video mediation, rewarded video, multiple ad units.
  • Tagline: The most powerful monetisation solution for mobile publishers.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air.

Webinar – Better monetise apps by rewarding users. By Andrew Gerhart, COO at Aerserv.


Inneractive is a leading independent mobile ad exchange, focussed on powering native and video ads. Founded in 2007, with offices in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New York, London, and Beijing (opening soon), Inneractive boasts global coverage across 200 countries.
Innerative’s ad mediation platform INNEX includes an open exchange, giving you programmatic access to over 150 mobile-specific demand sources, and a private marketplace where you can invite buyers, set preferences and drive revenue from premium ad units such as programmatic video and native. Supported ad formats include native video, native display, interstitials, and rich media.

  • Key Features: Open exchange, private marketplace, programmatic.
  • Tagline: Ad mediation optimised for you.
  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

Bite-Size Insights: Market Trends by Inneractive’s Co-Founder and President, Offer Yehudai.

Epom Ad Server
Epom Ad Server is an all-in-one ad serving solution for advertisers, publishers and ad networks. Founded in 2010, Epom operates worldwide with its headquarters based in Kiev, Ukraine.
Epom Ad Server’s real-time bidding platform provides publishers with a simply way to launch and manage advertising campaigns across mobile web and in-app platforms, and provides access to over 20 mobile specific DSP partners. The company’s UniMobile technology, for non-mobile optimised web pages, tracks visitor device models and displays ads customised to the device size.

  • Key Features: Real-time bidding, engaging ad formats including rich media and interstitials.
  • Tagline: Leading ad serving platform for networks.
  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

Epom Mobile Ad Server Overview.

AdTapsy is a platform which helps publishers maximise revenue from in-app advertising. Founded in 2013, by Borislav Gizdov and Branimir Ivanov, the company’s ad mediation platform uses a layered approach to increase fill rate by sending ad requests to multiple, premium ad networks.
AdTapsy’s mediation automatically optimises waterfall combinations for every geo location and each app. And, publishers can keep track of important KPIs such as Impressions, Fill Rate, eCPM, and Revenue through real-time analytics on the dashboard.

  • Key Features: Bundled SDK, geo-optimised mediation, real-time analytics.
  • Tagline: Maximise in-app revenue from ad networks.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Cocos2d-x and Unity (plugins).

8 Top Tips for App Monetisation by AdTapsy.

Supersonic is a mobile advertising platform for the app industry. Founded in 2009, and headquartered in San Francisco, the company works from global offices in the US, Europe and Asia to serve developers around the world.
Supersonic’s mobile video ad mediation allows you to connect to multiple ad networks around the world. With a single SDK you can tap into all the video demand and control delivery in your app. Supersonic’s mediation tool utilises the ‘Weighted’ delivery system, pitting the performance of one network against another, to ensure developers fill high performing ads in parallel first. Supported ad formats include video, interstitial, offer wall and native ads.

  • Key Features: Mobile video mediation and real-time-bidding.
  • Tagline: Monetise and promote your apps. Grow your business at supersonic speed.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity and Adobe Air.

Supersonic Monetisation web page screenshot.

Upsight logo
Upsight (formerly Fuse Powered) is the industry’s only player-centric ad mediation platform. In January 2016, Fuse Powered was acquired by Upsight one of the largest mobile analytics and marketing platforms in the world.
The company’s ad mediation platform, is one SDK that ensures publishers secure the highest paying ad in every country, every day. Operating as an unbiased optimisation platform, Upsight (formerly Fuse Powered) doesn’t have its own advertising demand so isn’t a competitor of the third-party advertising solutions it is mediating. This model means publishers choose to pay a fee or a revenue share from all ads served.
The platform’s powerful segmentation engine lets publishers divide their user population into groups based on their behaviour, spending or demographic. It also tracks how users move among segments in real-time in order to optimise ad performance and user experience. Supported ad formats include rewarded video, full-screen video, rich media and static interstitials.

  • Key Features: Unbiased ad mediation, real-time segmentation, dynamic rewarded video.
  • Tagline: Maximize Revenue by Giving Every Player an Optimal Experience.
  • Platforms: iOS and Android.

An introduction to Fuse Powered video.

Tapsense is a leading independent mobile advertising exchange. Founded in 2011, by Ash Kumar an Amit Manjhi, the company is based in San Francisco CA.
The ad mediation platform allows developers to tap into multiple demand partners (ad networks, DSPs, agencies) and set up their own private real-time bidding exchange. Meanwhile, publishers can access native demand partners from its native ad marketplace to maximise CPMs and create an integrated user experience.

  • Key Features: Programmatic, native ads.
  • Tagline: The leading mobile advertising exchange
  • Platforms: iOS, Android and Unity.

Tapsense Native Ads Demo.

Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads is a UK-based internet media company, offering a range of monetisation solutions for websites, mobile, software, games, social, and 404 pages.
Propeller Ad’s mediation solution combines campaigns from thousands of ad networks and direct advertisers to reach a global mobile audience and optimise revenue for publisher inventory. The platform’s automatic optimisation takes charge of campaign selection and performance tweaks to ensure the highest revenue. Supported ad formats include banner, onclick ads, direct links, dialog ads, mobile interstitial and video.

  • Key Features: Automatic optimisation, video ads.
  • Tagline: Demand more. Advertise easy.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android and Mobile Web.

Propeller Ads Mobile Interstitial Ads.

In the last few years the mobile advertising industry has called for publishers and advertisers to embrace automation. Programmatic spend is up and rich media and native ad formats are in demand. Mobile ad servers now have an incentive to innovate – to move with the market and meet publisher needs. We hope this guide helps you make an informed choice to drive more revenue for your business.
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