Top mCommerce Providers 2016


With more than 1.2 billion people accessing the internet via mobile devices, the opportunities for mCommerce, sometimes referred to as “next-generation eCommerce” are there for all to see.

According to this round up of statistics by Mobify, about 58% of smartphone users have used it for store-related shopping, and as early as 2012, nearly 25% of Black Friday shopping was done from mobile or tablet devices.

If your app needs a store, or is selling a product, it is of paramount importance that the buying experience is frictionless, accurate, secure and quick. The mobile audience is highly discerning and will turn away from your app if it does not deliver on the above.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best mCommerce platform providers. The companies below are not ranked in any order, but are the best at offering a variety of solutions, from storefronts to credit card scanning and loyalty rewards. The companies are:



GoSwiff‘s “Gateway” solution covers the entirety of the mCommerce spectrum, from mPOS to online wallets, and it also tracks data for more accurate targeting, increasing ROI and supporting loyalty programs. The company offers a variety of products including multi-factor authentication and Gateway itself is compatible with all major Android and iOS devices.

Key Feature: Flexibility and high levels of security
Tagline: Increase Mobile and Online Transactions



Mobify is both an mCommerce platform and an app/storefront designer, going from ideation to launch in as little as six weeks. If you already have a web or mobile app, Mobify can integrate with the pre-existing software much like an analytics tag – and also supplies you with customer engagement tools like push notifications and a customer metrics dashboard.

Key Feature: Offers design as well as mCommerce platform
Tagline: Better Mobile Shopping

Elastic Path


Elastic Path specialises in eCommerce, but it can be applied to mobile platforms too. It is specifically designed to integrate well with customer experience platforms like Adobe Marketing Cloud, HippoCMS, Sitecloud and more. It comes with a powerful API and delivers cloud-based commerce by collaborating with Rackspace and Amazon Web Services. From catalogs to promotions via pricing, user profiling, carts and order administration, Elastic Path has every trick in the book.

Key Feature: Designed to be integrated with top customer experience platforms.
Tagline: Digital Commerce API for Enterprise

cardio185 is about as free and lightweight as it gets – a very simple explanation on the website simply says “Scan credit cards in your mobile app”, specifying that it does not store or transmit credit card numbers. It comes in two different SDKs for Android and iOS. Instead of inputting data on a phone, the SDK uses the phone’s camera to scan the data directly from the card (before asking for the regular CVS code). The technology was bought in 2012 by PayPal.

Key Feature: Free and lightweight.
Tagline: Credit card scanning for mobile apps



Jumio has a number of solutions on offer, from ID scanning on a mobile phone to BAM Checkout – which pledges to make mobile checkout happen in seconds rather than minutes. Available for both iOS and Android, it claims to eliminate 75 keystrokes and nearly two minutes of transaction time, as well increasing completion rates by 10%. Much like others in this list, it achieves this by using the phone’s camera as a credit card scanner.

Key Feature: Uses camera to scan credit card details and increase speed of transaction.
Tagline: Scan and Validate Credit Card IDs



Shopify has everything from an online-store design platform to “Shopify POS”which allows users to tap their way through your storefront and easily buy products from any device. Shopify also comes with very powerful analytics tools, with automated back-up of data to the cloud, business reports and hundreds of apps to further customise your store. Free 14-day trials available for all of its products.

Key Feature: Very strong on analytics
Tagline: Ecommerce Software, Online Store Builder, POS

First Data


First Data‘s Mobile Commerce Solution has a particular focus on convenience and loyalty, featuring personalised rewards for customers. From Apple Pay to mobile POS, the entire platform is designed to make buying as easy as possible for your users. It also has a suite of customer-engagement tools like loyalty initiatives which function across all devices.

Key Feature: Strong focus on loyalty programs
Tagline: Mobile Engagement Solutions



Volusion has customisable (and free) app store fronts optimised for mobile included in all of it’s pricing levels, which start at $15/month and can initially host 100 products, up to infinite products for the Premium plan. Compatible with both iOS and Android, it also makes for fairly easy integration with your existing mobile app. All plans also include a Facebook store and social media tools.

Key Feature: Optimised for smaller screens and devices.
Tagline: eCommerce Software and Shopping Cart solutions



Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms giant, has entered the field with the M-Commerce platform, created with two key words in mind: scalability and security. Covering international financial services to retail, the Ericsson Wallet Platform can cover pretty much any volume of business, and it is also compatible with pre-existing assets.

Key Feature: Scalable to all levels of transactions
Tagline: Connect Mobile Customers to a World of Financial Services



Vaimo is a “Magento Gold Solution Partner”, so it is no surprise it is the best mCommerce solution for the Magento platform. Having delivered 400+ eCommerce solutions for Magento sites and with a flurry of qualifications, they have the experience to back their solution up. They also offer mobile strategy and design advice, and key clients include Bauhaus and Fjällräven.

Key Feature: Optimised for B2B and B2C Magento applications
Tagline: Omni-Channel Webshop



Applicasa‘s virtual store has a content management system, push notifications, offline SDKs, analytics tools with a large number of metrics, event based promotions and integration with 3rd party ad-networks. Do you need more? It has been used by Coca-Cola and Bandai Namco, to name a few, and is actually free up to 1000 daily active users, it pricing scaling with the number of your apps users. If that weren’t enough, it also provides free back-end hosting.

Key Feature: Designed for scalability and flexibility in the price plan.
Tagline: Home for Apps

Final Thoughts: Whether you’re looking for a slick storefront or a seamless payment experience, the ease with which users of your app can buy your products is key to sales and return business. We’ve covered all the essentials in this list with some of the best companies and mCommerce platform providers out there – a huge step into creating a wide customer base and increasing ROI.

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