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You don’t have to look very hard online to find Swift and Object-C tutorials to learn to make iOS Apps – given the popularity of Apple’s platform and how long apps have been around, resources are aplenty, and one of the best places to start is Apple’s official Swift Programming Language Tour. Within that library you can find all the resources and pointers you might need in text format.

However, if you’re a visual kind of learner, then Youtube is a huge resource for learning: iOS Programming in Swift and Objective-C can be made considerably easier by watching people do it and explain their actions on video. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best Youtube tutorials for iOS programming out there, aimed at both absolute beginners and more experienced programmers.

A Casual Programmer

A touch dated, having been posted in 2014, but A Casual Programmer has three playlists worth checking out: Objective-C development, iOS App and iOS game programming. Definitely start from here if you want to learn the major differences between these and do all your studying before you get onto programming.

Ben Johnson

Great introduction to the series – skip the second video on system requirements (now dated) and move straight to the teaching. The series starts off with the very basics, from templates to Xcode, and tends to concentrate more on how the tools work rather than using the “build-an-app” style of tutorial.


This is one for the really serious and commited to swift. One of the more famous programs out there, its free (you can find it on iTunes with supporting documentation) and a mammoth of a course with videos often clocking in at over an hour. You’ll need staying power, but you won’t need any other course either.

Code With Chris

Zero programming experience required and constantly updated when new versions of iOS or XCode come out. We recommend you start off with How to Make an App – Episode 1: Tools and Materials.

The New Boston

We featured The New Boston in our top Android Dev Videos on Youtube as well, and given their breadth of videos, we’d feature them for pretty much any platform. 37 videos on iPhone development tutorials, 65 on Objective-C, and plenty more on web design, C#, PhP and others.

Brian Advent

A proponent of the “learn by making” school of coding, Brian Advent teaches you the basics of Swift via the construction of apps or games. There’s a number of tutorials on his channel ranging from a simple list app to 3D touch games, as well as shorter videos on specific topics like icons and sets.

Compututs Videos

One of the more extensive playlists here, clocking in 97 videos covering all sorts of topics ranging from memory management to notifications and UI design. Also check out the channels other playlists which cover non-iOS specific concepts.

Ravi Bedre

Features three lists for a total of over 200 videos on iOS app development, the most recent of which only date to a couple of months ago. Extremely in depth, perhaps not too beginner friendly but you’ll find pretty much everything you could need here. There’s also a series specifically on the use of Xcode.

App Shocker

After two larger series, we decided to recommend one that keeps things brief too – AppShocker’s five videos guide you through the creation of a simple guessing game. A good place to understand whether Swift coding is for you.

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