Top Elements for a Great Mobile User Experience

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Posted: May 13, 2016

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An average app has bad retention metrics and that’s why it’s important to include something extraordinary in your app. Today, app marketers’ focus on engagement and retention as an average app loses its value and gets deleted within 72 hours of its launch, which is a major concern for many e-Tailers. The competition is tough and to stay ahead in the race, you have to present a novel, user-focused idea. It’s not only about the mobile app; a responsive website also requires attention to detail.

“Most mobile users do not download your app. Even if they do, they delete it after few days.”

Although your app’s success hinges on a lot of dynamic factors that change with time, much has to be done by marketers before and after its launch. The mobile user experience is most important to consider and encompasses user’s behavior, perceptions and expectations from a specific mobile application. The secret to creating a delightful UX lies in many elements that we forget to feature. A frictionless user experience is what makes your app memorable.

Core elements of a great mobile app user experience


How important is Mobile in 2016

Before mentioning the success elements, let’s have a look at how important it is to take your business on smartphones

  • For 2017, the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach 4.77Billion (statista)
  • Mobile app downloads are forecast to reach 268.69Billion by the end of 2017
  • In 2015, the number of mobile-only Internet users surpasses the number of desktop-only users in the U.S. (comScore).

As seen, billions of dollars are being invested in generating traffic from mobile phones each passing year, which makes it crucial to provide a seamless mobile experience.

Here are the top elements to embrace while taking your business on mobile screens:

#1 Minimal is the trend: Always remember, it’s not about you, it’s about customers- and more importantly, it’s about connecting users with your business. Customers don’t like wasting their time in filling extra details and answering unnecessary questions while using a mobile app or accessing a website. Put yourself in user’s shoes and understand how can you make your app functions best by consuming minimum time of consumers.

For instance, if it’s an eCommerce app, you can provide a checkout option without asking the user to sign in. Just like Walmart, introduce a guest checkout option on your payment page. This will become more convenient and relaxing for your customers, helping you register more conversions in your account.

Never forget that why people have switched from web to mobile? Simply because they are faster to use anytime and anywhere. Keeping up with this minimal and agile trend, encourage on developing registration screens that are brief and include only the most relevant customer information that you require for completing a transaction.

#2 Inclusion of On-boarding Screens: A new panache these days is displaying multiple screens to provide a visual walkthrough to customers on how to use the app and what is it’s usage benefits. While each one of us is more inclined towards visual demonstrations of every product and service, a high-quality on-boarding screen is what your app needs.

For those who are hearing this term for the first time, the goal of an on-boarding screen is to visually show users your app’s workflow and what are its core features and functions. It is a brilliant way to make the app more interactive and model your app through live, moving and animated images. In fact, if your app has some intricate functionality, it is wise to illustrate through on-boarding. You can also show real-time scenarios and examples through instructional methodology on those screens.

#3 Bottom Navigation is easy on the hand: With research and surveys, it has been observed that people find it easy to have a one-hand grip on their phone. Stretching thumbs and fingers beside their comfort zone is painful while controlling functions present on top of the device. Thus, a bottom navigation bar is comfortable and easy on the touch.

Nonetheless, avoid using more controls over the bottom tab- only the most important ones must be displayed. Create an app design that allows rapid switching between app’s features. Facebook is a great example of bottom navigation with most essential tabs displayed without any side scrolling but a ‘more’ tab. Make use of simple-to-understand and universal icons on the navigation to communicate the purpose of any functionality.

#4 Right and soothing color contrasts: Color consistency is the next important factor to consider while promoting your business on mobile. The color selection poses a major impact on user’s psychology and stimulates them emotionally. Avoid mixing of too many colors but keep it uniform on the navigation bar. Urban textures and primary colors are more influencing than inadequate mixes.

#5 Personalization through push notifications: In this mobile-first world, personalization has become a must-have for each of your business going mobile. Tracking down your customer’s monthly and weekly activities on your website or app will give you a great chance to advertise your services and products. For instance, if you know that your customer love to spend weekends with family at restaurants and new eat outs, an app can boost its sales by providing relevant information of newly opened food joints or places offering great discounts.

Push notifications is also a great way to engage more with customers and let them know how important they are to you and your business. If done correctly, personalization strategy can bring huge benefits and profits to a mobile-focused business.


With new technological developments emerging each day, mobile user experience will continue to improve and will give you great opportunities to provide a brilliant UX. Implementing these strategies will help you maintain an edge over competitors. Start monitoring your user’s behavior from day one for improving your traffic and conversions.

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