Top Christmas Mobile Advertising Promotions

Jamie Giggs | December 17, 2014

Mobile Advertising

The mobile advertising industry is offering some great promotions to celebrate the coming holidays this year. But it can be hard to know which ones are the cream of the crop… Fear not, we’ve assembled a list of the top Christmas mobile advertising promotions and put them all into one place…
Christmas Mobile Advertising Promotions:

ClicksMob Marathon 2014
ClicksMob has decided to celebrate the end of the year with the ‘ClicksMob Marathon 2014′. To win a prize publishers need to do the following:

  • Improve on their best month to date by 30%, the prize for doing so is a stylish iPhone 6.
  • Even better, if they improve on their best month to date by 50%, a swanky new iPhone 6+ is the reward.

Find out more about the ClicksMob Marathon 2014 here.

MobPartner Christmas Special Competition 2014
MobPartner is spreading the Christmas cheer by offering 10 of its mobile affiliates the chance win an all expenses paid 4-day trip to Paris. Mobile publishers on the network that see the biggest increase in revenue between November and December, and a minimum increase of at least 25%, are eligible for this grand prize.
Find out more about the MobPartner Christmas Special competition 2014 here.

NativeX $50K for user acquisition
NativeX is offering app developers $50K for their user acquisition campaigns this season. App developers need to spend $50K on advertising with NativeX and monetize their app with the network for 50 days. NativeX then reciprocates this commitment by investing an additional $50K into user acquisition for the app developer.
Find out more about the NativeX $50K competition here.

Appnext Christmas Bonus Promotion
Appnext is offering their publishers a chance to double their revenue in December and January. The monetization platform says they are helping to capitalise on the increased app demand during the winter season by offering an extra dollar to publishers every time they earn one from their users.
Find out more about the Appnext Christmas Bonus Promotion here.

Mobvista Worldwide Running Battle Promotion
Mobvista new
Mobvista is running a “Worldwide Running Battle” promotion for its mobile affiliates and is giving away $500,000 worth of rewards. The battle consists of two zones: All Stars and Rookie challenge. All Stars is intended for those affiliates who earn over $10,000 a month, while Rookie challenge is for anyone else that wants to get involved in the madness. Affiliates are rewarded based on the total revenue they generate through their offers.
Find out more about the Mobvista Worldwide Running Battle here.

Leadbolt Get a 20% Free Mobile Advertising Bonus
Leadbolt is offering advertisers a 20% free mobile advertising bonus when they sign up.
Find out more about the Leadbolt’s 20% free mobile advertising bonus here.

ClickDealer A Free Trip to Las Vegas and the Affiliate Summit West 2015
ClickDealer is offering its mobile affiliates the chance to go to Las Vegas and attend the Affiliate Summit West for free. To be eligible for the prize, affiliates need to run traffic on any ClickDealer offers from December 1st to the 31st and generate 100k of revenue from them.
Find out more about ClickDealer’s free tip to Las Vegas here.

Clickky 300 Chances to Earn More
Clickky is offering mobile and app affiliates 300 chances to boost their earnings in a new long-term campaign. Every month Clickky will increase the payouts of a range of fresh offers by 30% giving affiliates the chance to benefit from a major bump in commissions.
Find out more about Clickky’s 300 chances to earn more here.

Matomy Win a Free App Distribution Campaign
Matomy is offering some lucky individuals the chance to win a mobile distribution campaign worth $2,500. App publishers and developers will need to be one of the first 20 people to generate over $5,000 in revenue between July-December 2014 in order to be eligible for the grand distribution prize.
Find out more about Matomy’s free app distribution campaign here.

Instal 20% Bonus for all New Advertisers
Instal is offering new advertisers a 20% discount on their advertising spending for February to celebrate the end of the year. All they need to do is sign up with the ad network before January 31st 2015 to be eligible for this bonus.
Find out more about the Instal 20% bonus here.
Promotions Galore!
Whether it’s an extra boost to revenue or a free flight to another country, there’s lots of compelling offers on for mobile advertisers, publishers and affiliates until the end of year. So don’t miss out, get in on all the action now!

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