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App Push Notification was pioneered by Apple in 2008 with the introduction of iOS 3. This technology has also been adopted by Android and Windows Phone OS. Push notification is the delivery of information from an app to a mobile device or desktop computer without a specific request from the app. Today app push notifications are being used to deliver all sorts of information to app users, like specials (e.g. “Get your 10% OFF this weekend only!” for e-commerce apps), location-based messages (e.g. “Come by and enjoy this fall SALE prices!” for brick and mortar retail store apps) and so on.

One of the emerging trends we can see for push notification is that companies begin to offer a delivery status tracking feature. It allows app owners to receive  a status message – delivered, opened, URL inside a message was clicked, etc for each push notification sent. The reason why this trend is emerging is simple – a churn rate, app owners are facing an increasing challenge of keeping their user base. People have several dozens of apps on their smartphones or tablets and there is just not enough time for them to pay an equal amount of attention to each app. So a push notification alone is not enough anymore, app owners need a reliable channel to get a feedback and see what kind of reaction their messages do trigger.

With this list we want to put together the Top 10 app push notifications companies for app developers to enhance their apps with the push tech.

The Full List



Batch  is a mobile app engagement platform, launched in 2014 by Simon Dawlat in France. It provides app push notification solution for app developers to send mobile push notifications on scale. Having native ads monetization component, allows Batch to provide its service free of charge.  One of the key features is its Batch Insights tool that allows app owners to track push notification campaigns of their competitors on the platform. The Batch API allows users to control their campaigns from their own app marketing dashboard. By tracking app usage frequency Batch creates users segments automatically, with custom segments creation available as well. Currently it has about 500 clients with hundreds of apps registered in the platform.


  • send rate: 500 messages / minute, no API – free
  • send rate: 2,000 messages / minute, API – $49/month
  • send rate:  20,000 message / minute, API, standard support – $199/month.

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Unity, Air and Cordova


  • Free trial
  • Frequency based automatic users segments creation
  • High delivery speed
  • API for users own dashboard integration
  • Competitors campaign benchmarking
  • Search Engine to look up the extensive app push notifications database


  • The company operates only a year and half on the market, hasn’t gained reputation yet
  • The public information about the company is limited

Batch Dashboard


Urban Airship


Urban Airship is a mobile engagement company, founded by Scott Kveton, Steven Osborn, Michael Richardson and Adam Lowry in 2009 in Portland, US. The company platform’s functionality combines app push messaging, in-app messaging, location / proximity targeting and analytics. Urbanship is focused on leading brands to facilitate their mobile strategy and help them to be efficient with a mobile channel. The range of business verticals, the company works with, includes retail, media & entertainment, sports and travel & hospitality, companies like ABS News, Adidas, Virgin Galactic. Urban Airship manages to push 10 billion messages a month for 2 billion active app installs.

Pricing: not available publicly

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry


  • 45 days free trial
  • Exceptional throughput (300k messages / second)
  • High security level. It’s hosted at a Tier 3 SSAE 16 certified data center with fully redundant power backup and fire suppression systems, 24/7 security guards, mantraps, controlled access, biometric authentication and video surveillance.


  • charges premium pricing

Urban Airship interview during SXSW Interactive on March, 2015

Amazon SNS


Amazon Simple Notification Service  was launched by Amazon in April, 2010 to facilitate mobile app developers work and help them to build more sophisticated apps. The company’s platform allows app owners, using a single API, to send app push notifications to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS). Among its clients such notable companies as WunderList, Yelp, Hike Messenger, Yik Yak.

Pricing: first million of notifications delivery is free, after $.50 / million

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS


  • Top level hardware infrastructure
  • Simple APIs and easy integration with mobile applications
  • Flexible message delivery over multiple transport protocols
  • Inexpensive, pay-as-you-go model with no up-front costs
  • Web-based AWS Management Console offers the simplicity of a point-and-click interface


  • reported outages that cause multiple messages sending or delivery delays

New Mobile Push Notifications from Amazon SNS



Appboy is a marketing automation company, founded by Mark Ghermezian Bill Magnuson and Jon Hyman in 2011 in NY, US. Helping app owners to solve app abandonment problem, increase engagement and reduce churn. Appboy features a sophisticated user profile system, advanced customer segmentation, and  multi-channel messaging (email, News Feed, push notifications, in-app messages), all these tools allow brands to be efficient at cultivating relationships with their customer base. Among the company’s clients are Clients like iHeart Media, Gannett, Urban Outfitters, Epix, and Shutterfly. During 2011-2014 period the company went through 4 funding rounds and secured $22.5M in total.

Pricing: isn’t available on the website

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Unity, Fire OS, Xamarin, Baidu and web


  • intelligent push messages delivery
  • sophisticated message personalization
  • action-based delivery
  • Xamarin OS support


  • Pricing isn’t available on the website

Enhanced PUSH Made Perfect: 5 Ground Rules for PUSH That Don’t Spell S-P-A-M



SWRVE is one of the leading mobile marketing automation companies, founder in 2011 by Steven Collins in San Francisco, US. Sending push notifications is only one of the services that company provides, the others are app analytics, A/B testing, in-app campaigns and more. It’s managed to secure such high profile clients as Electronics Arts, Warner Bros., Life360, Sony, McAfee. SWRVE company has gone through four rounds of funding and has got $21.4M.

Pricing: isn’t available on the website

Platforms supported: iOS and Android only


  • Segmentation capabilities that allow high level of push messages personalization
  • Local time push notifications delivery support
  • Analytics tools to do A/B testing


  • Pricing isn’t available on the website

SWRVE Push Notifications Demo



UpSight (formerly Kontagent+PlayHaven) is a mobile marketing and analytics company founded in 2007 by Albert Lai and Jeffrey Tsung. UpSight is headquartered in San Francisco, US with additional offices in Toronto, Canada and London, UK. The company’s app push notification services features advanced level of customization with Emoji. Among the companies clients portfolio such established brands as Warner Brothers, Viacom, and Turner, and game publishing powerhouses such as BigFish, Activation, Electronic Arts and Glu Mobile. On April, 2015, the latest funding round has brought the company $7M.

Pricing: custom pricing, no plans

Platforms supported: iOS and Android.


  • Simple to learn push messages web-based editor with performance analytics features
  • Emoji in messages support
  • User Explorer and Segment Builder to find valuable user segments and create highly targeted push campaigns.


  • Pricing isn’t available on the website

UpSight Push Notifications with Emoji



Accengage is a mobile app push notification service company, founded by Jérôme Stioui in 2014 in Paris, France.  The company’s platform offers the suite of tools to help both app publishers and advertisers monitor the value of customers they acquire and increase mobile engagement. In addition to push notification tools, it offers mobile retargeting solution, mobile app tracking technology, and is connected to third-party analytics tools. Assengage clientele includes such established brands as Disney, KLM, Nestlé, Carrefour, Orange, Condé Nast, Century 21, Price Minister from the Rakuten Group. In January, 2015 the company secured $3M in its first funding round.

Pricing: isn’t available on the website

Platforms supported: iOS and Android.


  • Demo
  • Complete push notification solution: push notifications, in-app messaging. mobile retargeting
  • Capable to handle 800M push notifications / month
  • Dynamic segmentation and targeting
  • Real-time geofencing
  • Notifications personalization
  • Automation
  • Interconnection with user’s CRM
  • Analytics Tools for mobile CRM scenarios
  • A/B Testing
  • Multi-app messages
  • Badge management
  • Facebook notifications


  • Pricing isn’t available on the website

Accengage Dashboard





Catapush is a web and app push notifications company, founded by Luigi Orsi Carbone and Davide Marrone in April, 2015 in Italy. Catapush’s platform empowers corporations with 2Way communication system, which sends data-driven transactional web and push notifications, each sent message is assigned a real time status – sent, delivered, read. The company’s competitive advantage over its competitors is that it offers developers and businesses a real-time communication channel with their customers.

  • Up to 100 recipients – free
  • Up to 2,500 recipients – 29 euro/month
  • Up to 12,500 recipients – 129 euro/month
  • Uo to 25,000 recipients – 249 euro/month
  • Above 25,000 recipients – a custom pricing

Platforms supported: iOS and Android


  • 2Way communication capability
  • Real-time IP dedicated channel for message delivery
  • Apple (APNs) and Android (GCM) support
  • Capable to push up to 100.000 messages simultaneously
  • SSL 128 bit encryption support
  • Focus on transactional push notifications


  • lack of web interface
  • lack of managing tools for promotional and marketing campaigns

Catapush Architecture




Appoxee is app push notification company, founded by Elad Kushnir and Itay Levy in Israel in 2010, in January, 2015 the company was acquired by Teradata. The social gaming and media industries background allowed the company founders to build a platform with capabilities to push millions of messages in seconds. Along with push notification sending feature, Appoxee offers a variety of in-app plugins to provide app publishers additional ways to interact with their customers. These include a Message Inbox, Customer Feedback form, and an Offer Wall. The company’s current app push notification sending rate is over half a billion monthly.

Pricing: is available upon request

Platforms supported: iOS and Android


  • Deep Linking tech support
  • Analytics
  • Geotargeting
  • Server to server integration
  • Best Time to Send suggestion tool


  • Pricing isn’t available on the website

Intro to Appoxee Push Marketing



RZLTS is a push notifications solution launched  by Sam Morris, the founder of Everbadge, in 2010 Seattle, US. The company pioneered first monetization solution for mobile app push notifications service. RZLTS app user quality and monetizing solution allows users to build app users profile and with the App Inbox tool to push in-app messages with a Suggested Apps unit to gain revenue. The company is the member of Application Developers Alliance.


  • Free plan with “Suggested Apps” ads inside push messages
  • $5 a month for first 1,000 messages, $10 for each extra 1,000 messages.

Platforms supported: iOS and Android


  • Monetization option to get a profit from each interaction with Suggested Apps ad unit, placed inside push message the platform users send out
  • App users profiling
  • Pushing custom messages for specific locations
  • App Inbox tool to establish two-way communication
  • User privacy is secured
  • Suggested Apps ads opt-out system for end-users
  • Guided demo
  • Email, phone & Skype support
  • Swift programming language support

Cons: Tech. support isn’t available during weekends

How to add push notifications to an Android app

With the rapid growth of location-based apps, push notification technology becomes the key instrument in communication with customers and app users in general. Mobile games developers have been taking advantage of this technology for a number of years and so the bottom line is, that it’s really hard to imagine modern mobile apps without push technology powered features. If your app doesn’t support this technology yet, think about the ways how you can incorporate it into your app to facilitate users engagement and retention.