Top App Marketing Agencies 2016

Peter Keung

In App Marketing. February 29, 2016

Top App Marketing Agencies 2016
Your app is one in a million. In fact, it’s more like one in one and a half million. As of July 2015, Android users had 1.6 million to choose from and Google’s App Store boasted 1.5 million apps.
To get noticed in such a crowded market, differentiation, targeting a niche, creating a buzz, establishing and re-engaging your user base, and app store optimisation are all key factors in a killer app marketing strategy.

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According to a new recent report by mobile analytics firm Flurry, mobile app usage was up 58 percent in 2015. Yet, 40 percent of the total growth came from existing users. Which means re-engaging existing users could be where the most value lies. That, combined with the challenges of ad-blocking usage, digital marketers need to move beyond just social media and online campaigns to a more insight-driven, ‘personalised’ content approach.
Another development that continues to highlight the importance of app store optimisation (ASO) is app indexing; a system that allows people to click from listings in Google search results into apps on smartphones and tablets through deep links. With app indexing strongly influencing ASO, SEO and ASO are set to become intertwined.
From finding the right channels to reach your audience (and connecting these channels to create one seamless experience) to improving app store optimisation, app developers are left with a whole host of questions to consider:
What does the future hold for ad networks? What tools and services should a marketing agency provide to help make my app a success? Should I choose a big player in the marketing industry or a specialist app marketing agency?
Agencies must keep pace with the rapid changes in app advertising and search. And as a result, the market continues to see a rise in the number of mobile-first and specialist app agencies offering app promotion, optimisation and advertising. But while many brands will choose a big agency for their marketing needs, AdNews reports a rise in ‘short-term agency affairs’. In other words, marketers are adding smaller specialist agencies to their roster, for their depth of skill, especially when it comes to the app marketing.
If you want to be savvy about marketing your app, choosing an agency is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Which is why, we’ve gathered together the facts and created a list of the top app marketing agencies for 2016. Our list includes big international agencies with broad creative marketing capabilities to boutique marketing companies focussing solely on apps. Each of the companies listed has something different to offer and you can find more app marketing agencies in our app marketing directory.
The full list:

Fetch is an award-winning global mobile marketing agency founded in 2009 by James Connelly and Declan Reddington. In 2014, Fetch joined the digital giant Dentsu Aegis Network; a group which specialises in media, digital and creative communication services. Fetch’s holistic approach to mobile marketing includes banner and rich media advertising, cross-channel campaigns, and app store optimisation to help your app stand out amongst the competition.
This mobile-first agency focusses on three key industry areas: retail, gaming, and travel and Fetch’s work for Expedia and Ebay has received recent accolades. In 2014, Fetch was the fastest-growing mobile marketing agency in the Europe and also listed in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as ‘One to Watch’.

  • Services: app marketing strategy, app incubation, app ranking, app store optimisation, mobile media planning and buying, mobile app analytics and mobile ad tracking.
  • Offices: London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Hong Kong.
  • Tagline: “Visionary. Bold. Creative.”

The Most Exciting Thing Happening in Mobile with Fetch COO Greg Grimmer


ComboApp is a mobile app marketing agency founded in 2009 in Chicago, USA. With over 700 mobile app marketing projects under its belt, and the development of strategic partnerships with the likes of Intel, ComboApp has solidified its position in the global marketplace.
ComboApp offers a full-cycle service that includes creative development, strategy, analytics, media placement and public relations. Analysing the competitive landscape, identifying your competitive advantage, understanding your target group segments, setting goals, and measuring your ROI are all part of the detailed app marketing plan ComboApp provides to launch, promote and monetize your app.

  • Services: Mobile app marketing strategy, mobile app monetisation, PR services, community management, app store optimisation, and user acquisition management.
  • Office: Chicago
  • Tagline: N/A

App Marketing Agency Comboapp


Dot Com Infoway
Dot Com Infoway
Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is a custom software and web application development company based in India. Founded in 2000, after expansion the company opened offices in the United States and Germany.
DCI’s mobile app development and mobile app marketing wing DCI Mobile Studios, focusses on the importance of usability and gauging the USP of each app they market in order to frame a strategy and achieve viral marketing success. DCI now serves customers on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

  • Services: Apps marketing, app user testing, pre and post-launch campaigns, In-app marketing.
  • Offices: Chennai (India), Madurai (India), New York, Koenigstein (Germany).
  • Tagline: “The web agency you’d love”.

Seven do’s and don’ts of mobile app marketing


Consumer Acquisition
Consumer Acquisition is a full-service social advertising technology firm founded in 2013 by CEO Brian Bowman and CMO Tom Young. Having acquired more than 40 million mobile app users on Facebook and Instagram, they have securely positioned themselves as experts in the field of social advertising.
In 2016, Consumer Acquisition launched AdRules™, the social advertising platform for mobile apps, to help simplify Facebook and Instagram advertising. The AdRules ad management software uses custom algorithms for each mobile app and its lightning-fast reporting delivers real-time data on how your ads are performing.

  • Services: Performance advertising for Facebook and Instagram mobile app advertisers, real-time analytics and automated bid management, advance analytics with automated bid management, ad performance optimisation, data integration, and consulting services.
  • Offices: N/A
  • Tagline: “Full-service Facebook and Instagram Acquisition”

Consumer Acquisition Homepage

Jampp is a fast-growing app marketing and re-engagement platform, born in Buenos Aires and London, in 2013. A period of rapid growth followed, as they opened offices in San Francisco, São Paulo and Cape Town. Then, in 2015, Jampp went on to raise $7 million in a Series A round led by Highland Europe. This is a company with truly global ambitions.
This data-driven app marketing company helps mobile app advertisers grow their business by driving and re-engaging users to their mobile apps. Jampp’s approach goes beyond installs by optimising for in-app activity and conversions. “Jampp provides a unique combination of scale and ROI, as our platform learns which signals produce high converting users for each app, dynamically bids on inventory, and automatically allocates budget,” said co-founder Diego Meller.

  • Services: App promotion process (planning, executing, tracking and optimising mobile advertising), tracking in-app and post-install data, programmatic media buying, mobile re-engagement through retargeting.
  • Offices: Buenos Aires, London, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco.
  • Tagline: “A technology start-up with a mobile obsession”

Acquiring Active Mobile Users Globally, Joana Picq at App Promotion Summit 2014


Performance Revenues
Performance Revenues is a mobile affiliate network created in 2011 by Founder and CEO Ron Brightman. Working with advertising partners worldwide, the company delivers high volumes of quality users to mobile apps.
Ad types covered include video ads, banner ads and in-app alerts. And, Performance Revenues’ performance-based model means their success is tied into your app’s success. The network offers a diverse range of traffic sources and promotes brands across major verticals including gaming, travel, utilities, lifestyle and casinos.

  • Services: Mobile user acquisition, performance-based marketing, goal optimisation.
  • Offices: Tel Aviv
  • Tagline: “Mobile marketing heroes”

How to plan a mobile user acquisition campaign, Ron Brightman, Performance Revenues


Yodel Mobile
Yodel Mobile, founded by current CEO Mick Rigby in 2007, is a strategically-led mobile marketing agency. The team at Yodel Mobile deliver mobile strategy, mobile advertising, and engaging apps and campaigns. The agency draws on their expertise in mobile media, messaging, creative, and applications to produce integrated mobile marketing campaigns.
Yodel Mobile’s exclusive campaign tracking solution measures Value per Activity, achieving a greater ROI and effective app marketing campaigns for its clients. Preferring to let their work speak for itself, Yodel Mobile’s roster of big name clients includes The Economist, ITV, The Daily Mail Group and Kobo.

  • Services: Mobile strategy, development and delivery, app promotion campaign planning and tracking, mobile CRM (including push notification campaigns), mobile media buying, mobile search and app store optimisation.
  • Offices: London
  • Tagline: N/A

App Promotion Summit London 2014 – How You Can Get Downloaders To Actually Use Your App


App Marketing Agentur
App Marketing Agentur (AMA) is a full-service app marketing and mobile marketing agency founded in 2009. Headquartered in Berlin, but boasting a global reach, AMA counts the EU, USA, UK, Australia and Asia as their core markets.
AMA provides app strategy, marketing and monetisation to increase their customers’ visibility in app stores. AMA’s British parent company Weever Media (ranked amongst the leading app marketing companies in July 2015) must have had a positive influence on App Marketing Agentur who, in 2015, were named Best Mobile App Marketing Agency on

  • Services: App ranking boost, app store optimisation, user acquisition, user retargeting, mobile performance marketing and strategy, and app monetisation for publishers.
  • Offices: Berlin and London
  • Tagline: N/A

App Marketing Agentur Homepage

Appency is a full-service mobile app marketing and PR company, established in 2009. Appency’s focus is solely on apps, meaning their expert team knows the ins-and-outs of this highly competitive area.
Appency utilises its social media marketing and advertising media planning and buying prowess, as well as its connections with mass media outlets and app bloggers to get the word out about your app.

  • Services: App analysis and competitive research, PR, social media marketing, advertising media planning and buying, promotions and sweepstakes, app user engagement, video, campaign reporting, localisation, creative, app store optimisation.
  • Offices: Sacramento (USA)
  • Tagline: “Appency! Make a big noise”

Marketing in a Million App Market by Aaron Watkins, President and Founder of Appency


Surikate is the mobile performance division of independent advertising group Mozoo, founded in 2010. With headquarters in Paris, and having expanded into London, Surikate offers mobile marketing solutions to developers across the globe.
Surikate’s mobile experts help developers design effective marketing strategies. And, app developers can access Surikate’s mobile test panel, consisting of over 80,000 mobile users, to improve user retention and product lifespan.

  • Services: Mobile performance, mobile strategy, mobile app promotion, app tracking services.
  • Offices: Paris and London
  • Tagline: N/A

An insight into iPhone user behaviour within the app store by Surikate


Curate Mobile
Curate Mobile is a boutique mobile performance agency founded, in 2015, by Marc Porcelli. The agency’s global reach gives you access to the highest quality traffic in the USA, South America, Asia, and Europe. Curate Mobile’s user acquisition services focus on post-install metrics and targeting, working on a Cost Per Install (CPI) model.

  • Services: User acquisition, media buying, programmatic advertising and video, tracking and optimisation, analytics.
  • Offices: Toronto
  • Tagline: “Global. Mobile. Performance.”

Curate Mobile Homepage

M&C Saatchi Mobile
M&C Saatchi Mobile is a leading mobile marketing agency with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and, most recently, Singapore. Founded in 2006, by current Global CEO James Hilton, M&C Saatchi’s focus has always been on mobile with a portfolio of services that include media planning and buying, strategy, research and analytics, and creative.
In 2015, M&C Saatchi added to its raft of accolades by scooping the title of Mobile Agency of the Year and Mobile Marketing Campaign Strategy of the Year at the Drum Awards.

  • Services: mobile strategy, conversion tracking and optimisation, app store optimisation, mobile acquisition, mobile media planning and buying, programmatic buying, app development, user experience and social.
  • Offices: London, New York, Singapore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sydney.
  • Tagline: “The leading mobile first agency”

Libby Robinson, Global Commercial Director asks, Are you looking beyond the downloads? 


Phiture is a mobile growth hacking consultancy founded by Moritz Daan in January 2016. Ex-Growth Pm at Soundcloud, Moritz Daan uses his specialist expertise to identify and execute growth opportunities for app and game publishers.
Phiture’s service is based around a deep-dive into your brand and how your app is performing, with a two-day workshop/mobile growth audit, following Andy Carvell’s acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack, and hands-on help with app store optimisation.

  • Services: Mobile growth audit and strategy, A/B testing, push notifications, In-app messaging, onboarding, life-cycle marketing, CRM, app store optimisation, viral sharing.
  • Offices: Berlin
  • Tagline: “We help apps grow”

Phiture Homepage

Ola Mobile
Ola Mobile
Ola Mobile is a global mobile performance company, founded in 2011, specialising in user acquisition. Ola Mobile’s platform allows publishers to promote apps and mobile subscriptions delivering quality users to service providers, app developers and marketers.
Their focus is on CPI (Cost per Install) mobile campaigns; while easy integration with major mobile tracking partners allows clients to analyse in-app behaviour and demographics.

  • Services: User acquisition, CPA and CPI mobile campaigns, mobile monetisation, big data analysis.
  • Offices: Luxembourg, Lisbon and Timisoara (Romania).
  • Tagline: “Mobile marketing to the next level”


Moburst is a global mobile product and marketing agency founded in 2012 by Gilad Bechar and Lior Eldan. Moburst offers the full gamut of mobile marketing services including app store optimisation, product enhancement, user acquisition and mobile strategy consulting. Its team of mobile growth experts have promoted dozens of apps to the Top 10 in app stores like Google Play and helped many start-up apps gain more organic users, boost ratings and improve their products.
Meanwhile, user acquisition is achieved through a selection of hyper-targeted, burst, and brand engagement campaigns combined with the right mixture of media channels for your goals and budget including RTB/exchanges, social, video, retargeting and search.

  • Services: App store optimisation, audit and analysis, optimisation and monitoring, mobile user acquisition, user experience and audience insight data, personalised mobile strategies.
  • Offices: Israel and New York
  • Tagline: “Doing mobile right”

App store optimization –tip #1: keyword research will improve your ranking


Appn2o is a mobile app marketing company, founded in 2013. The brainchild of Openxcell Technolabs Company (an award-winning mobile app development company in India), Appn2o draws upon its marketing expertise to create the most profitable business model, promotion and monetisation strategy for your app.
Appn2o’s main areas of focus include marketing strategies, app store optimisation and SEO, media presence and buying, and viral marketing. And, their app marketing packages allow you to compare the best approach for promoting your app against your preferred timeline.

  • Services: App marketing consulting and research, app store optimisation, social media marketing, content marketing, press releases, app preview videos, app reviews, and app analysis.
  • Offices: Ahmedabad (India)
  • Tagline: “Appn2o – your app marketing partner”

Understanding the Basics of Mobile App Marketing


Somo is an award-winning global mobile marketing agency founded in 2009 by tech entrepreneurs Nick Hynes, Carl Uminski, Dave Evans and Simon Edelstyn. Somo prides itself on doing things differently and has received plenty of industry recognition for innovation including the title of Most Innovative Agency in Mobile at the Mobile Mafia Awards 2013.
As big investors in technology, in 2011 Somo launched Apptimiser, a tool that allows detailed tracking of individual app campaigns across all mobile platforms. This means clients can manage the criteria defining a successful campaign and only spend money on app campaigns that provide real returns.

  • Services: Strategy and innovation, creative and custom development, performance and brand marketing, advertising tools and technology, app install and promotion.
  • Offices: London, New York, San Francisco and Bristol.
  • Tagline: “Solutions for the connected world”.

Somo Chief Strategy Officer Ross Sleight discusses the future of mobile 2015

We hope this app marketing agencies  guide helps you choose the right marketing partner to make your app thrive. If you think we’ve missed one, you can get listed in our directory today.