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In App Marketing. April 5, 2016

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There are several business models that serve as a foundation for mobile advertising and mobile app advertising in particular. Each model defines for what specific performance or action ad company charges advertisers. The most popular models are CPM (cost-per-mile), CPC (cost-per-click), CPI (cost-per-install) and CPA (cost-per-action). With CPM model, app marketer is charged for each 1,000 ad impressions (called a mile) served for his mobile app ad. The CPC model implies charging for each instance of a click on a mobile app ad. Finally, CPI model is based on charging money for each instance of a mobile app actual install, the CPA model expands the CPI concept and implies charging money for specific actions app users take inside an app.

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Among these models, CPI and CPA are the most efficient ones for app marketers because they allow to measure actual ROI (return-of-investment) for a budget they allocate to advertise their apps. With a proper ad campaigns data analysis, app-install ad units allow app marketers to acquire high quality users and expand their user base.
By 2016 CPI-based app install ads have become a significant contributor to the mobile advertising revenue. According to the last year Business Intelligence forecast, mobile app install advertising revenue in US alone by 2019 will reach 7 billion, compared to $4.6 billion in 2015.
Mobile App Install Advertising Revenue (US), in billions

Source: Business Insider
We’ve put together a list of networks and platforms offering app installs – some of them work on a CPI model and others use a CPC or CPM based trading approach but with the focus on delivering app installs and users.  You can find more app install networks and platforms in our mobile advertising directory and our app marketing directory.
The Full List

Facebook App Install Ads

Facebook App Install Ads is the mobile app downloads generating solution, launched by Facebook in 2012 to help mobile app developers to acquire users for their apps on Facebook. The biggest advantage over other solutions is its targeting capabilities, powered by an extensive user profile database, accumulated by the company for its more than a billion users. Some of its targeting options, such as Interests and Behaviors, allow app marketers to laser-target their ads to people with a particular interests and certain online behavior pattern.

  • Tag line: Promote your app with Facebook
  • Key features: re-marketing tools, unparalleled targeting capabilities, the best reach, video format is also available
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, tvOS, Unity, web

Facebook Drives Installs of Mobile Apps

Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads is an advertising platform, rolled out by Twitter in June, 2014 worldwide. With this solution, app marketers can generate app installs on Twitter, using its sophisticated targeting capabilities that allow users to target an ad for a specific location, OS, mobile carrier, users of a particular age and gender and with particular interests. On par with Facebook solution, Twitter ads has re-targeting capability to reach out Twitter users who have previously installed certain apps or visited particular websites.

  • Tag line: Advertising Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes
  • Key features: powered by Twitter, re-targeting tools, reach targeting options, easy & quick setup, scale
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Introducing mobile app promotion on Twitter

Google Universal App Campaigns

Google Universal App Campaigns is a cross-platform mobile app user acquisition solution launched by Google in September, 2015. It’s part of the Google’s AdWords ad platform and it specifically allows app marketers to drive Android app installs, via multiple ad formats, including video. Unlike other app install driving solutions, Google’s ad composing tool provides app marketers with ads, generated using app’s graphics and text directly from Google Play store. The system is also handles ad rotation and auto-bidding features to provide app marketers the most downloads for an app.

  • Tag line: Give A Little And Get A Lot With Universal App Campaigns!
  • Key features: dynamic ad generation, dynamic inventory picking, powered by Google AdWords
  • Mobile platforms: Android

App installs at scale with Universal App Campaigns


Minimob is a performance-based platform company, founded in 2013. Minimob offers app owners a robust app user acquisition solution that allows to deliver HD-quality, VAST, MRAID standards fully compliant video ads on multiple platforms and devices. The solution features dynamic CPI-bidding platform, it allows advertisers and agencies to monitor results in real time and  benchmark acquisition outcomes against a predefined set of performance metrics. Minimob runs, at minimum, 20k different campaigns every month, allowing access to more than 8k offers with just one click. Minimob fully supports third-party tracking for clarity on mobile app conversions.

  • Tag line: Ads That Aim Right, Advertisers That Hit Target!
  • Key features: managed campaigns, real-time CPI bidding, traffic sources balancing
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Minimob website home page


InMobi is a mobile advertising platform, founded by Naveen TewariAmit GuptaAbhay Singhal and Mohit Saxena in San Francisco, US. To acquire mobile app users, InMobi provides app marketers with its Miip app discovery platform that hosts ads for over 40,000 apps. The platform provides app reviews and ratings for app users to know more about apps before downloading them, its efficiency is based on the proprietary app user reaction capturing system that allows to connects apps with people who may become their loyal users. Another contributor to Miip efficiency is its Appographic Targeting (TM) that allows to acquire a loyal user base for an app by targeting users based on their app interests.

  • Tag line: The Discovery Platform for a Mobile-First World
  • Key features: Miip digital ad companion to deliver rich app discovery experience for users, coverage for 200 countries.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

The InMobi Story

Tapjoy is an app monetization and mobile user acquisition company, founded by Lee Linden, Ben Lewis and  Mitch Liu in 2007 in San Francisco, US.  The Tapjoy’s app user acquisition solution supports several bidding models, Pay-Per-Install, Video-To-Install, Pay-Per-Engagement and Tapjoy Reconnect retargeting one. The Future Value Map™ solution allows app marketers to analyze future opportunities to acquire new users based on the previously captured data. Also Tapjoy platform features cohort analysis, IAP revenue, retention, funnel and churn analysis tools.

  • Tag line: Every Mobile App Is Leaving Money On The Table.
  • Key features: Future Value Map™, multiple bidding types support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Feature Focus: Tapjoy’s Future Value Map

Chartboost is a mobile game users acquisition company, founded in 2011 by Sean Fannan and Maria Alegre in San Francisco, US. Chartboost empowers app marketers with the platform to acquire users via interstitial and video ads, it features sophisticated targeting and install tracking features. With Chartboost Direct Marketplace, game owners can buy installs directly from other app owners and keep 90-100% of their revenue.

  • Tag line: Built For Mobile Game Developer Success
  • Key features: free, direct developer-developer ad exchange, targeting & install tracking
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

How to use the Chartboost Dashboard


Applovin is a marketing automation and analytics company, founded by Adam Foroughi and Andrew Karam in San Francisco, US. Applovin mobile app user acquisition solution provides app marketers with progressive ad campaign optimization, when each consequence campaign is based on analytical information derived from a previous one. The platform features app users interests database to allow app marketers target their ad campaigns based on these interests. As well as sophisticated bidding algorithm matches app users who are likely to download a specific app and determine the right amount to bid for it.

  • Tag line: Marketing Automation and Analytics
  • Key features: Similar traits users mobile acquisition, data-driven recommendations, consumers re-engaging, real-time metrics
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon

AppLovin – The Fastest Growing Mobile Advertising Company

Appnext is a mobile app discovery company with a platform that operates on a self-serve CPI bidding basis. It was founded in 2012 by Elad Nantason. The company app advertising capabilities are entirely focused on providing direct CPI bidding to app marketers. With Appnext self-serve ad platform, users get an access to reach more than 490 million non-incentivized mobile users from 180+ countries.

  • Tag line: The Platform Developers Love
  • Key features: direct CPI bidding, 100% Self-Serve Platform, 490M audience of non-incentivized app users, covers 180 countries
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Appnext website home page

Leadbolt is an app discovery and user acquisition company, founded by Dale Carr in 2010 in Sydney, Australia.  The company equips app marketers and developers with an advanced app install attribution solution to monitor CPI-based install acquisition campaigns run across over 50 ad networks.

  • Tag line: High Performance Mobile Advertising
  • Key features: Direct Deals Marketplace
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Leadbolt Connect, The Direct Deal Marketplace for Mobile Ads


Adcash is a technology-driven advertising network, founded in 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. With its worldwide network of top-tier publishers, Adcash allows app marketers to reach any targeting audience they aim to, on both mobile and desktop, to generate app installs. The platform’s set of targeting features include geolocation, browsers, device and OS, age, gender, profession, interests and more, languages, as well as contextual targeting, frequency capping and day parting. Adcash offers a number of ad formats, both mobile and desktop, such as in-app interstitial, in-app footer, in-stream video, display banner, footer, interstitial, site-under, slide-in, backgrounds.

  • Tag line: Technology-Driven Advertising Network
  • Key features: in-stream video ads, demographic targeting, contextual targeting
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Adcash Advertising Technology

Yeahmobi is a performance based mobile advertising company, founded by Peter Zou and Frank Wang in May, 2009 in China. The company’s ad platform allows app marketers to reach audience in more than 200 countries and drive app installs, using CPI, CPA and CPM models. With this platform, app marketers can grow their apps active user base in target markets, using native ads, as well as Yeahmobi Social and Search tools tap into audience on Facebook, Google and other social networks.

  • Tag line: Data Driven Mobile Advertising
  • Key features: CPA & CPI bidding, in-house tracking solution
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Shirley Lin, VP of BD for YeahMobi.

Clickky New Logo
Clickky is a full-service app marketing platform company with multiple branches, founded in 2010 in Ukraine by Vadim Rogovskiy. The Clickky app user acquisition solution for app marketers is focused entirely on CPI model to secure high quality app users supply. To provide even higher ROI, Clickky offers CPE model based campaigns, with this model advertisers pay only when specific pre-defined actions take place inside their apps.

  • Tag line: Get the Most from Your Mobile Web Traffic
  • Key features: operates in 80+ countries, 5+ years on the market, Clickky AdExchange Platform
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Clickky – mobile app marketing platform

Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a pay-for-performance ad network company, founded in 2009 by Fehzan AliJeremy Bash in Dallas, US. Adscend Media ad platform for advertisers provides 3 channels to drive app installs – Rewarded Video, AdWall and AdLock. With Rewarded Video, ads are served upon high quality premium video content completion, app users are presented with ads that invite them to download apps and if they choose not to apps still get exposure with their target audience. With AdWall, app users are offered to install apps to earn virtual rewards, and finally with AdLock app installs are generated when app users receive premium apps, songs, images, or other pieces of digital content.

  • Tag line: Performance Marketing Innovation In The Heart Of Texas.
  • Key features: mobile video locker tech, rewarded video ads
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Adscend Media homepage
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.58.11 PM

Startapp is a mobile advertising company, founded by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan in December, 2010 in New York, US. The Startapp’s solution to generate app installs allows marketers to take full advantage of programmatic targeting, which is based on a combination of data and unique creative options. Among the most sophisticated targeting options the Startapp platform for advertisers provide are targeting ad campaign to users who have already installed specific types of apps, mobile carrier targeting, mobile OS type and version targeting, as well as device types (smartphone / tablet) targeting. The platform supports four ad formats – Large Banner, Small Banner, App Wall and Full Page.

  • Tag line: Our desire is to Inspire. Innovate…Mobile
  • Key features: 300M MAUs, 200k apps have Startapp SDK, direct deals with 50% of top grossing apps
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

StartApp Smart Targeting


Iconpeak is a mobile advertising platform company, founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany by Gunnar Kämpgen and Felipe Sperotto Ogibowski. Iconpeak platform for app marketers combines six different channels to drive app installs – media buying, YouTube Influencers, in-app placements, programmatic, native and video sources. Iconpeak is a TUNE Certified Partner and the winner of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars 2015, with 432% year-on-year growth.

  • Tag line: Six Sources Of Mobile Success
  • Key features: offers multiple channels to drive app installs
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Meet the IconPeak Team

GOWIDE is a global mobile ad platform, launched in 2013 by ComboApp mobile app marketing agency. GOWIDE’s App Booster proprietary app install generating solution allows app marketers to drive downloads for their apps with dynamic CPI bidding, it features global reach and scalable inventory. With a simple three step signing up procedure, users can can launch app install campaign with as small as $100 deposit.

  • Tag line: Global Mobile Inventory Converted To Results
  • Key features: one-stop-shop incentive traffic buying tool, managed buys solution powered by the team of seasoned media buyers.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

GOWIDE Presentation: Mobile Traffic Inventory

ClicksMob is a mobile performance company, founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, US. ClicksMob offers mobile app marketers a sophisticated app user acquisition platform that operates on CPA (cost-per-action) model. The platform users are charged based on predefined actions, such as install or other action that app users take. The ClicksMob user acquisition solution appeals to both app developers and agencies, by offering multiple client campaigns management capabilities.

  • Tag line: Only Mobile. Only Performance.
  • Key features: broad range of quality traffic sources, easy-to-use payment methods, ROI positive, scalability
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and featured phone OS

ClicksMob Introduction

Performance Revenues
Performance Revenues is a performance based mobile affiliate network company, founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Oded Former and Ron Brightman. Performance Revenues supplies app marketers with the pay-per-performance platform, which allows them to pay for app installs only. The platform provides access to thousands of app traffic sources and allows to define how app marketers want to pay pet installs, as well optimization to the users end goals.

  • Tag line: Get Users You Need; High Volume, High Quality.
  • Key features: thousands of traffic sources, sophisticated campaign optimization, CPI bidding
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Performance Revenues website home page

Instal is a mobile user acquisition company, founded by Alessandro Sordi and Filippo Satolli in 2013 in Florence, Italy. The Instal app downloads driving platform is focused on CPI model only, it features worldwide non-incentive traffic sources, easy integration, performance optimization and real-time reporting. The platform provides users with in-house developed tracking SDK, as well as support of the industry-standard tracking solutions such as Mobile App Tracking, TUNE,, Appsflyer, Ad-X, Kochava, AppSalar, Party Tracking.

  • Tag line: Boost Your App’s Value
  • Key features: geo targeting for 200+ countries, 1,000+ publishing partners, running 500+ campaigns worldwide
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Instal homepage

Oplytic is mobile marketing analytics and enablement software company, founded in 2011 by Andrew Degenholtz. Oplytic’s app install generating solution is  integrated with all the leading mobile media ad networks, it optimizes app marketers CPI based on predetermined key success metrics – like did the user download and then register or make an in-app purchase. Oplytic enables and manages in-app Cost Per Order, Cost Per Action, and Cost Per Download promotions catered to app marketers budget and objectives.

  • Tag line: Embolden Marketers To Pursue Their Enterprise Mobile Strategies
  • Key features: high quality traffic, poor sources cutting in real-time, in-app messaging engagement tools
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Oplytic home page
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.35.39 PM

Matomy Media Group is a global and multichannel performance-based advertising solutions company, founded by Adi Orzel in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007.  Matomy offers a wide range of performance solutions for agencies, more than 1,500 media buyers and  brands, as well as app developers. With Matomy ad platform, performance marketers can get quality mobile app users by running multi-channel ad campaigns on CPI, CPA, as well as CPM model. Among the channels Matomy provides are display, mobile, video, email, incentivized, domain parking, social, search and affiliates.

  • Tag line: Leading Global Offers on Mobile and Web
  • Key features: leading mobile & web verticals support, 18,000 media partners,
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Matomy Media Group Introduction

Mobvista new
Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. Mobvista partners with more than 10,000 media companies and its partnership with Facebook, Twitter and Google allows it to provide app marketers with an app install generating solution to leverage top social network sites and the search engine unparalleled targeting capabilities.

  • Tag line: Higher Payouts, Worldwide Campaigns
  • Key features: Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Mobvista Leading Global Mobile Advertising Platform EN

Crunchie Media

Crunchie Media is a mobile marketing company, founded in 2013 in London, UK by Darren Gladstone and Tomer Maman. Crunchie Media specializes on mobile user acquisition, RTB, mobile media buying and mobile marketing strategy. With CrunchieBid system app marketers are getting high quality traffic from direct publishes, RTB platforms and Exchanges and it allows them to achieve their desired KPI, such as CPI goals and user lifetime value.

  • Tag line: Showcase Your App To Millions Of Users Worldwide
  • Key features: CrunchieBid system, CrunchieTrack tech, CrunchBurst solution
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Crunchie Media website home page

Propeller Ads
Propeller Ads is an online advertisting company, founded in 2011. PropellerAds empowers app marketers with the ad platform to generate app installs in more than 195 countries, across multiple verticals, such as Finance, Games, Software, Entertainment, eCommerce and Dating. Advertisers are offered a choice to advertise their apps either with CPA/CPL performance model or switch to CPM bidding. Propeller Ads assigns a personal manager to every advertisers registered with the company’s platform. The ad platform targeting capabilities consists of targeting by countries, OS, device category & model, ad placement, dayparting, frequency capping and more.

  • Tag line: Leading Multi-Channel Advertising Network For Content Publishers, Brands and Marketers
  • Key features: brand protection tech, targeting options: geo, day parting, frequency capping, OS, device, ad placement and site
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Global Advertising Network PropellerAds

ClickDealer is a global performance marketing agency, founded in 2012 by Max Polyakov in Menlo Park, US. ClickDealer helps advertisers to generate app installs for their apps by supporting five bidding models – CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI and CPS (cost-per-sale), which implies paying for each sale generated for an e-commerce app by an app user interaction with an ad. ClickDealer allows advertisers to launch mobile app ad campaigns via broad spectrum of channels – Retargeting, Search, Display, Video, Social, Native Ads, Email and Mobile. According to ClickDealer stats, it generates more than 3 million app installs / a month, partner with more than 5,400 active publishers.

  • Tag line: Innovation. Technology. Performance.
  • Key features: loyalty program, annual MeetUps, featured offers and contests
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

ClickDealer Legendary MeetUp, 2015

Digital turbine

Digital turbine is a mobile app advertising platform, launched in 2011 in Austin, US. In 2014 it acquired Appia, the leading independent mobile user acquisition network, and by March of 2015 the merger was completed. Digital turbine helps developers, advertisers, mobile operators and OEMs to make a profit on Android apps and acquire app installs in more than 190 countries. Digital Turbine mobile apps ad platform supports 4 traditional display units, such as App Wall, Display Ads, Interstitials and Native Ads, as well as ad units Carrier and OEM exclusive, such as Recommendations Widgets, Push Notifications and App Preloads.

  • Tag line: Right App. Right Person. Right Time.
  • Key features: CPI bidding only, partnership with carries, App Wall, banner, interstitial and discovery ads, integration with Ad-X, Kochava, AppsFlyer, HasOffers, Flurry tracking SDK
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Digital turbine website home page

Consumer Acquisition
Consumer Acquisition is a social advertising technology firm founded in 2013. Consumer Acquisition specializes in mobile app advertising on Facebook and Instagram, offering both self-serve tools and fully managed services. The AdRules™ advertising automation platform combines Facebook’s Power Editor functionality with controls for bidding, budgeting and pausing, designed specifically for mobile apps and lead generation.

  • Tag line: Facebook and Instagram Mobile User Acquisition and Lead Generation
  • Key features: Advertising automation for Facebook and Instagram performance advertisers, workflow automation, real-time analytics, bid management, ad optimization, data integration, and consulting services.
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Consumer Acquisition Homepage


MobAir is a performance-based mobile app marketing platform, launched in 2015 in Israel. MobAir is laser-focused on pay-per-install model to deliver app advertisers high ROI, it features native ads format to attract high quality users, as well as interstitials, OfferWall that offers app users a fullscreen list of app recommendations, banner units and video ads that offer app marketers extremely high eCPM.

  • Tag line: Your Ultimate Mobile Monetization And Advertising Platform
  • Key features: pay-per-install only, video ads
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

MobAir website home page

Waypedia is a mobile app advertising company, founded in 2014 by Ariel Porchera. Waypedia offers mobile app marketers an easy four-step app install generation campaign launch procedure to get desirable number of  app installs from specific geo locations and secure app’s growth up either the App Store or Google Play charts. Prices starts as low as $0.10 per app install, no SDK integration with premium tech support at no cost make Waypedia solution is ideal for quick app stores chart boost campaigns.

  • Tag line: Your Ultimate Mobile Monetization And Advertising Platform
  • Key features: No SDK required, low CPI, geo targeting
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Waypedia website home page

Tabatoo is a premium mobile distribution network and SDK, founded in 2012 and was acquired by Somoto in 2014. Tabatoo offers app user acquisition solution that features Algo-Match proprietary technology that allows app marketers to achieve high KPIs and acquire high quality app users. Also Tabatoo utilizes app users profiling and scoring system to provide app marketers analytical data to increase their ad campaigns efficiency.

  • Tag line: High Quality User Acquisition At Your Finger Tips
  • Key features: Algo-Match tech, 100+ countries reach, 150 million clicks / month, 30 billion ad impressions
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Tabatoo by Somoto website advertisers section


Avazu is an online advertising and digital marketing company, founded by Yi Shi in October, 2009 in Germany and later headquartered in Shanghai, China. Avazu empowers mobile advertisers with its proprietary Avazu Mobile DSP solution, it’s 100% self-serve, features real-time reporting, optimization features such as white & black listing using multiple criteria such as inventory source, inventory seller, carrier, device and more. Avazu Mobile DSP integrates up to 18 Ad Exchanges, the integrated fraud protection scans and filters ad impressions before every bid.

  • Tag line: A Leading Advertising Platform with Global Coverage
  • Key features: fraud protection, 18 Ad Exchanges, white & black listing
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Guus Esbir Wildeman, Avazu Europe on Mobile Performance Marketing

AirPush  is one of the largest ad network for Android OS, founded by Asher Delug in December, 2010 in Los Angeles, US. AirPush mobile app user acquisition solution is based entirely on push notifications technology as oppose to regular ad displaying inside apps.

  • Tag line: Mobile Ads Redefined
  • Key features: Weekly payments for advertisers, Conversion Optimizer
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Mobile Web

Airpush Overview

mobileCore is a mobile ad platform, launched by ironSource in 2012. mobileCore offers mobile app advertisers to acquire high quality app users via sophisticated targeting capabilities and brand protection features. By applying proprietary performance-focused distribution algorithms, mobileCore allows app advertisers to target ad campaigns to app users who are statistically more likely to install and use a particular kind of apps. mobileCore’s premium SDK Network provides access to millions of high quality users around the globe.

  • Tag line: Turning great apps into scalable businesses
  • Key features: Server-to-server integration, native ads inventory, cost-effective buying from AppNexus, Facebook and Google networks.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

mobileCore website home page
Final Thoughts
App installs ads, and corresponding with it CPI/CPA business model, have become extremely popular among app marketers because it allows them to calculate ROI and attribute all profits generated by specific app user to a particular ad. Social networks have embraced app install ads because they can sell them at a higher price, compared with other kinds of mobile ads.
Thanks to their extensive user profile databases they use to target app install ads, Facebook, Twitter and Google have become dominating players on the mobile app install driving platforms market. It’s worth to note that because of mobile app install ads Facebook has managed to prove it’s strength on the mobile ad market and demonstrates quarter by quarter mobile ad profits growth, generated exclusively via app install ads.
Other providers have their strengths with providing niche solutions, covering some specific geographies (the brightest example would be China, where Facebook is prohibited and it gives an advantage to other players), by cooperating with brands to supply advertisers with highly engaged app users. And finally pricing is another key point that allows mobile app install driving networks to compete with the big trinity – Facebook, Twitter and Google.