Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A CPI Mediation Platform

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Posted: May 10, 2016

If you’ve been doing CPI advertising for a while, you’ll find that using a CPI Mediation platform is crucial to your success. In order for you to be spared from all the boring details, I’ll simply give you the top 5 reasons why you should use a CPI Mediation Platform as the perfect tool to supercharge your CPI revenues:
Increase fill-rates and demand competition (more money for you!)
By using a CPI Mediation Platform, you’re benefiting from an ecosystem composed of many CPI networks. This means that not only do CPI Mediation Platforms have access to virtually any CPI offer available in the market, but also that, due to the competition generated on the platform, you’ll get the best possible payouts for each specific offer you run.
MOBRAND – CPI Monetization done right
You don’t have to deal with several Account Managers from various networks (focus on your app!)
CPI Mediation Platforms usually deal with all the transactions between you and the CPI networks. This means you don’t have to busy yourself with loads of Account Managers on a daily basis. By saving that precious time, you’ll be able to focus on what is truly important: your app!
Only one dashboard and one invoice for all your CPI activities!
Instead of dealing with numerous dashboards from each CPI network, having to generate multiple invoices at the end of the month to each individual CPI network, a CPI Mediation Platform gives you only one dashboard. Using only one practical dashboard, you can check the data from all CPI networks. Moreover, at the end of each month, you just need to invoice a single company: your CPI Mediation Platform.
 Blocking settings across an array of CPI Networks.
Want to block a specific CPI campaign or even a bunch of campaigns from one of your competitors? Want to block questionable CPI campaigns from your game’s audience? In case you’re not using a CPI Mediation Platform, this process can be problematic, insofar as you’ll need to deal with each individual account manager from each CPI Network, making sure the blocks are where they should be. By working with a CPI Mediation Platform, however, this process becomes simple and easy. All you have to do is un-check a campaign or a category of campaigns on your dashboard. That’s it: the blocks will be automatically set-up across all the CPI networks you are working with.
One single SDK or API.
Want to use an SDK or API to easily promote CPI offers on your app? With hundreds of SDKs available, which one should you choose? CPI Mediation Platforms can usually provide you an easy to set up SDK or a Programmatic API that can automatically connect your app to all the major CPI networks in just a few seconds. This way, you’ll benefit from all the advantages a CPI Mediation Platform can provide you.
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