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Posted: October 27, 2016

There are a lot of different ways for mobile app owners and developers to promote their app but the online marketing model that tends to deliver the greatest value is pay per click PPC marketing. Here is a top 5 list of reasons as to why mobile app owners should choose pay per click PPC marketing to grow their apps and increase their number of high quality installs.
High Quality Mobile App PPC Traffic

Every mobile app owner wants high quality traffic to their iOS and Android app. With models like cost per install, also known as CPI, app owners can run into troubles with quality. CPI offers provide an incentive to the marketer to generate app installs since that is how they earn money from the ad. This in turn motivates marketers to find different ways to entice their visitors to install the app. Methods can include providing an incentive like virtual currency / in game points, forcing a visitor to install an app, without any other choices, before they can proceed / locking content or simply placing and popping (or sliding) in ad creatives where visitors might click by accident. All of these methods are frequently used and while they do generate installs, the retention rate can be very low. If an app install is simply going to lead to a quick uninstall for mobile app owners, is there really any value there?

Useful Mobile App Metrics Provided by PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click PPC advertising helps Mobile App Owners understand their product and users better through advanced metrics. With the pay per click PPC model, mobile app owners looking to grow their apps and increase installs will only pay when a visitor clicks on their app regardless of how many times an ad for the app is shown. This process generates a statistic known as click through ratio or CTR. Understanding a CTR is extremely helpful as it allows mobile app owners to understand how receptive people are to their respective ads. If a mobile app owner sees that they have a very low CTR, it indicates that their ad needs to be improved. This is particularly true when dealing with a pay per click PPC offer wall where multiple ads are shown as it provides the most accurate data. When a mobile ad is shown independently, there are often many instances where users click or even install the app by accident and this in turn provides false positives / inaccurate to the mobile app owner.
However, when a mobile app ad creative is placed alongside multiple other ads, this creates an environment where data accuracy increases. Because the user is faced with several choices, a click to any one specific app indicates that they are genuinely interested. Given that the mobile app owner does not pay per impression and pays only on a per click basis, this means that their budget is being allocated only to users who are genuinely interested in their app. When a user is genuinely interested in an app, this dramatically increases retention rates and ultimately value for the mobile app owner.
Best Mobile App Advertising ROI

Pay Per Click PPC Marketing Has the Easiest Setup, Easiest Tracking & Lowest Costs – this means the best mobile app advertising ROI. With CPI cost per install marketing, mobile app owners are required to integrate tracking features into their apps which can be a complicated process. Particularly since each network tends to have their own specific protocols and requirements. The result is lost time and resources for the app owner. With pay per click PPC marketing, the mobile app owner can setup their ad campaign within a minute and no extra work is required. Tracking is a breeze and most owners can use Apple’s iTunes app store or Google Play to monitor inbound traffic which allows them to see where clicks are coming from which makes the process of using pay per click PPC marketing not only easier but far more transparent which is extremely important in the world of online marketing. Another important factor that makes pay per click PPC marketing a more attractive option for mobile app owners is that there is a lower barrier of entry. At CPAlead, the minimum deposit for running up a mobile marketing campaign is $50 which is the lowest in the industry and approximately 90% less expensive than leading pay per view solutions who often charge $500-$1000+ just to test. Many app owners are either unable or unwilling to allocate that large of a budget simply to run a test and CPAlead’s $50 minimum deposit provides the perfect solution.
Lower Competition, Lower Pricing

Data shows that, although it yields the highest ROI for mobile app owners, PPC is the least used advertising model by mobile app owners! This provides mobile app owners who do use Pay Per Click PPC marketing with a unique advantage over their competition. Standing out on Google Play or iTunes has become increasingly difficult and using PPC could be the secret weapon for growing your app install base.
Best Mobile App Traffic Sources

While there are new CPM or CPI companies popping up every other day, a Pay Per Click PPC marketing network takes a more complex level of configuration to work properly given the requirement for real time bidding, quality checks, allocation and the like. As a result, an established and reputable PPC company that caters to mobile app owners, like CPAlead, provides the best advertising option for mobile app owners who are concerned about using up their advertising budgets with unreliable traffic sources.

Pay Per Click PPC marketing is the easiest form of online marketing to engage in and provides mobile app owners with the greatest level of insight into their marketing efforts while delivering the highest level of quality.
If interested in running a Pay per click PPC test with your mobile app, you can visit and be live within minutes.
About the author

Peter Tarr has a background that includes national territory management with Fortune 50 company Proctor & Gamble and has been the CEO at CPAlead 2011. During this time, CPAlead has appeared on America’s prestigious Inc. 500 list twice, ranking as high as #40. In 2016, CPAlead was recognized as the best network in their space by Mthink Magazine as well. Peter Tarr’s strategy at CPAlead focuses on innovation that is driven by client and consumer needs. Tarr stays closely tuned into the industry and is constantly looking for areas of opportunity where CPAlead can deliver greater value to app owners or affiliates looking to monetize their web content.

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