Top 5 App User Acquisition Videos On Youtube


User acquisition is one part of a successful mobile marketing strategy. Ensuring you get the right quality of user at the right price, a smart acquisition approach will help you to build your user base while getting an all important return on investment.

To help you get your user acquisition right, we’ve picked five videos all about UA taken from the App Promotion Summit conference series to help you buy the best users around.

A strategic framework for app marketing 

Before you start thinking about acquiring users, it’s worth working out whether acquisition is a strength or weakness of your business. Andy Carvell of Soundcloud has created this superb “mobile growth stack” to help you understand how your mobile marketing is doing before you begin scheming.

Large scale user acquisition

The big challenge facing almost every app marketer is the need to buy installs or users at volume, to commit to spending large quantities of cash in the pursuit of new users. So to help you work out the best way to do that, Richard Downey from The Mobile House provides some top tips on how to buy at scale without making costly mistakes. 

How to use data to reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) by 60%

One of the big benefits of working as a mobile marketer is that you usually have access to a lot of performance data to see how you’re doing. But how do you make the most of it? Diego Meller, CEO of Jampp, and Cristina Astorri, Marketing Director at Kabbee, provide a great case study here that shows how you can use data to drive down your acquisition costs.

Promoting an app to 100 million installs in six months

Continuing on the case study theme, we have another example for you to get your teeth into. Philex Chen, Regional Director EMEA for Mobvista, outlined how his company helped one app reach 100 million users in the course of six months.

Where is app discovery heading?

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the future of app discovery to help guide your acquisition strategy. Dan Taylor, MD of Global Display at Google, presents this guide to where app discovery is going to help keep you on the right track with your UA efforts in the future.

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