Top 10 Women Mobile and App Leaders

George Osborn | March 18, 2015

App Business

Women are playing an essential role in the success of the app economy. In the same way that the global nature of the industry has encouraged a diversity of perspectives, products and approaches, it is important to note just how many women have helped shape the state of the industry as it is today.

To demonstrate that, we’ve compiled a top ten list of inspirational women leaders in the mobile app economy. From developers to marketers and beyond, we hope that this list provides just a small insight into the valuable work women are doing across the app economy.


Sigal Bareket, Taptica

After successfully running one of Israel’s mobile operators for years, what’s the logical thing to do next? Answer: found the regions longest running ad network in the form of Taptica. And what success Sigal Bareket has had doing that. Now a world leading mobile CEO, we also think it isn’t a big surprise that in the years following Taptica that dozens of successful Israeli players have reached the scene.


Holly Liu, Kabam

Contest of Champions. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. Heroes of Camelot. These are just some of the absolutely massive mobile games that would never have come to fruition without Holly Liu. Now Chief of Staff at Kabam, she remains one of the main players behind a gaming giant.


Maria Alegre, Chartboost

We’ve featured Maria in a previous top ten, but it’d be difficult for us not to include her in this list as well. The reason? Chartboost has cast such an impressive spell over the mobile gaming industry it’d be petty not to. Even years down the line, they remain a dominant player in the market and without their foresight the industry may well be further back than it could have been.


Deborah Liu, Facebook

If you’re looking to make an argument about who has had the most impact in the history of the mobile app economy, Deborah Liu would be a strong contender. Responsible for Facebook’s app install ad, she has helped grow the multi billion dollar UA gold standard that much of the industry has relied on to succeed. An outstanding achievement.


Chen Levanon, ClicksMob

We’re not sure what’s in the water in Israel, but whatever they’re drinking seems to be perfect for creating inspirational women in mobile marketing leadership. Following a stint in finance, Chen Levanon has risen to the role of CEO at ClicksMob and has been responsible for driving their business through the roof in the past two years.


Alyssa Merritt, Urban Airship

Head of Strategic Consulting at Urban Airship, Alyssa Merritt is a woman of many talents. An impressive background in wealth management and healthcare marketing, Alyssa now helps to guide both the direction of Urban Airship and the huge number of partners using their highly effective push service.



Lucy OrloskiLocalytics

Lucy Orloski is a lead generation machine. Marketing Director at Localytics, she has been responsible for pushing the company’s increasingly popular analytics tools to developers across the world. And with a previous background at Hubspot, she’s likely to remain a tech savvy marketing expert for a while longer.


Renate NyborgPleo

Following nearly three successful years as Global Director of Mobile at Edelman, Renate’s latest venture Pleo has become one of the go to mobile design agencies for highly creative solutions. An avid mobile gamer and previously a BAFTA judge, Renate mixes professionalism with playfulness to help Pleo’s clients stand out from the crowd.


Jocelyn Leavitt and Samantha JohnHopscotch

Picking between either co-founder of Hopscotch would be churlish, so we’ve included them both. Jocelyn and Samantha are the driving force behind an app that helps children to learn to code in playful style. With a mission statement close to that of the Raspberry Pi founders, Hopscotch could be an essential first step towards a global base of young developers – something that’s only made possible by both founders’ hard work.


Si Shen, Papayamobile

Our final entry on the list is Si Shen. Responsible for founding Papyamobile in 2008, the company has now grown to over 150 employees with offices in the US, Europe and China. Helping developers to target the Chinese market effectively and vice versa, Si has helped cross cultural business success along the way.

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