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George Osborn | December 18, 2014

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If you’re reading this, then congratulations on joining us on what is clearly the most informative educational site about mobile app marketing around.

Seriously now, though we do try to be a great resource for you at all times it is fair to say that there is a world of great content out there being pushed by a number of the industry’s leading companies. But which voices are the best and who helps shape much of the discussion in the app marketing landscape outside of our cosy confines?

In our latest Top Ten series, we look at the content marketers helping to spread the word about the companies they work for and improve the overall discourse in the industry as a whole.

Thomas Sommer, AppLift


Trading user acquisition for content marketing, Thomas has helped to drive AppLift’s content marketing to the heart of the mobile marketing news cycle. Posts he has written about different types of retention and the history of app marketing have gained significant traction and shaped an increasingly thoughtful agenda in the industry.

Emma McDonald, Newzoo


After nearly 2 years running The Business of Games, Emma McDonald has helped to increase the reputation of Newzoo as a stats provider across the gaming industry with a series of interesting white papers. Their paper on the Asian gaming opportunity in conjunction with AppLift is an example of how statistics can be deployed without dryness to inform and educate.

Will Freeman, Freelance writer and consultant


Responsible for the Pocket Gamer reports released ahead of their Pocket Gamer Connects conferences, Will uses his extensive games journalism experience to imbue his work with readable practicality for developers and analysts alike. A long track record of producing excellent work for publications and companies alike, Will is a good bet for anyone looking to add gaming credibility to their site or marketing efforts.

Francis Bea, QiHoo360


Former CNET writer Francis Bea helped to drive Papaya Mobile’s content marketing efforts through most of 2013 and 2014. His article on mobile advertising in China helped to open up Western developers to the challenges in Asia’s largest market and we’re intrigued to see how he helps mobile security company QiHoo360 to bigger and better things.

The TapDaq team


I know this is technically a list of individuals, but to pick one from the TapDaq team out for special treatment ignores the fact that they really do a great job together. Whehter it’s informative product posts or tips about calculating LTV, they rather brilliantly support their pitch as an indie ad network.

Melissa Varela, Chupa Mobile


Chupa Mobile offers app templates for sale but their blog run by Head of Content Melissa Varela acts almost as a handy user’s guide for purchasers. Focusing carefully on issues affecting people buying from the company, Melissa does a great job of using content to support the company mission.

Hugh Kimura, Sensor Tower


Driving the early days (and present day) of app store optimization advice, Hugh Kimura has been a calmly authoratitive voice in the arena. Helping to clarify a process that was, for many, difficult to understand initially, Hugh’s blogs remain a helpful resource for getting ASO into the blood stream.

Jeremy Sacco, Fiksu


Fiksu’s regular flow of white papers, indices and blog posts can be attributed to the successful management of Jeremy Sacco over the process. The high quality information about CPI prices and examination of industry trends remains an important source of up to date information on the overall market.

Tim Merel, Digi Capital


Not strictly speaking a content marketer, Tim Merel’s quarterly and annual state of gaming white papers are a must read for anyone wanting to operate ahead of the industry curve. Summarising accurately how mobile gaming is shaping the gaming industry as a whole and pointing to where it’ll go next, it’s an excellent resource for ensuring your mobile marketing strategy hits the right notes for the big money gaming companies.

Peggy Anne Salz, MobileGroove


Finally, it’d be hard to complete a list like this without the insights of Peggy Anne Salz. Though she has already featured in our advertising expert rundown, it’d be churlish not to include one of the most influential content marketers currently operating. After all, how many people can say that they have produced an e-book the likes of Peggy’s for InMobi – which genuinely clocks in around the length of a Dostoyevsky novel? Inspirational stuff.

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