Top 10 Mobile Advertising Experts

The mobile advertising industry is becoming ever more lucrative each year. Billions of dollars are invested into the industry each year and with that number only going upwards, making sure that you understand the space is increasingly important as competition runs riot.

But who can you turn to and follow to get the best advice? And which voices should you be listening to? In our Top Ten Mobile Advertising Experts run down, we recommend some of the leading voices in the industry to help guide you through the mobile advertising jungle.

Adrienne Gauldie, London Mobile


Having worked at MagicSolver, TradeMob and App Annie, Adrienne’s extensive experience within the mobile industry has made her one of the strongest individuals on the topic of advertising around. Her talk about Real Time Bidding (RTB) at App Promotion Summit London in 2014 gives a strong insight into her understanding of the technicalities and nuances of the advertising space.

Diego Meller, Jampp


One of the most charismatic speakers on the circuit, Diego has a gift for bringing a subject that can be deathly dull in the wrong hands to life. Specialising in the South American market but also examining at looking at the broader market, Diego’s Ten Commandments of App Marketing talk is a great example of his insightful and entertaining style.

Simon Kendall, Adjust

Simon kendall

Adjust’s open source approach to advertising SDK’s ensure that they have an important role in the industry as a truly transparent service for developers that also protects user privacy across the world. Simon Kendall, who is a product manager at the company, gave a good explanation about the benefits of their approach in this talk and why it can only help increase trust in the industry in the years to come.

Alex Jubien, ThinkMobile

Alex Jubien

Deep linking is one of the hot trends in mobile advertising and is increasingly important to mobile marketing. But what is it and why should you care? Well, Alex Jubien of ThinkMobile is one of the deep linking experts and is perfectly placed to teach you about this increasingly essential part of the mobile marketing mix with this handy talk.

Kaya Taner, AppLift


Kaya Taner has helped lead gaming focused mobile marketing start up AppLift to a position of industry prominence. Specialising in a variety of fields with particular interest in explaining the importance of ROI in game marketing, Kaya’s talks are a great starting point for game developers moving into mobile marketing.

Marina Nissim, StartApp


How do you make your mobile marketing campaigns more effective? Marina Nissim of StartApp is an expert on the whole mobile marketing mix, but her talk at App Promotion Summit London showed how A/B testing is essential to successful mobile advertising and is a great primer for beginners.

Ross Sheil, Twitter


Ross is playing an important role advocating Twitter’s ever developing mobile marketing platform to a wide variety of app companies. Showing exactly how to use their ad platform effectively to generate worthwhile installs, his talk at App Promotion Summit London is an excellent way of familiarising yourself with a growing and increasingly important marketing channel.

Benjamin Hansz, Fiksu


It’s hard not to have Fiksu involved when it comes to curating the finest names in mobile advertising, so what better person to include than Benjamin Hansz? As Vice President of International Client Management at the company, he’s uniquely placed to understand the app advertising space and needs as a whole. This talk he gave on Facebook app marketing is just one example of his overall command of the field.

Jean Phillipe Decka, PocketWhale


Known to most people for his work at AppLift, Jean Phillipe has turned his expertise in the mobile marketing industry to his own advantage to help found new company PocketWhale. While we’re yet to hear too much from them about their plans to help companies unlock their mobile advertising potential, you can see exactly why he is one to watch here.

Peggy Anne Salz, MobileGroove


But for all this talk about advertising, one of the important things to remember is that engagement and retention are equally essential in the app marketing landscape. Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove is one person who understands the full extent of that and in her talk at App Promotion Summit she explained how those concepts help you to market more effectively.

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