Top 10 Canada apps revealed

Anne Freier | September 1, 2020

App Business

Shop, Tim Hortons, and TD have emerged as the top 10 apps in Canada for downloads. That’s according to the latest stats provided by app insights experts App Annie.

Shop is a brand new app launched by powerhouse Shopify in April 2020 at the height of coronavirus lockdowns.

The app is a rebrand of Arrive, which was used to track packages from Shopify sellers.

Shop still boasts these tracking features but also lets customers browse recommended products and explore a brand.

It’s a place were smaller sellers can launch their online stores without having to build their own shopping apps.

The app boasts recommendations for shoppers and check out local products.

What’s remarkable is how rapidly it has been adopted by Canadian mobile users. Lockdowns certainly had an effect and coming from one of the biggest players in the eCommerce space also helps, but it’s still an impressive feat.

Meanwhile, Tim Hortons app has been around for much longer and currently faces some serious investigations by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada over user privacy concerns.

According to reports, the app may be tracking the location of people and collecting data on their whereabouts.

TD Canada is a digital banking app. It’s not entirely clear how many users the app boasts, but its functionalities include direct depositing and management of bank accounts.

Other notable apps included Canadian Tire Retail and RBC Mobile.

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