Todd Stearn, Co-Founder of Aragon Advertising Talks Performance Marketing

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Posted: April 13, 2016

Todd gained his foundation in digital advertising during his tenure at Epic Advertising as a Senior Network Manager, where he catered to the Affiliate and Advertiser channels. His solid grasp of the online ecosystem enabled him to achieve optimal revenue streams and constantly retain successful relationships with key clients. His expertise extends to lead generation, SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Todd graduated from Boston University with a BS in Communications, focusing in Advertising and Psychology.
Todd Stearn
What is Aragon Advertising and how are you positioned in the market?
Aragon Advertising is a New York City based affiliate network but we are also much more. In the affiliate space you have companies who exist to broker offers and who don’t put in time to build long-term relationships with their affiliate and advertiser partners. Aragon instead focuses our sales team entirely on establishing direct relationships with advertisers and AORs. We also provide the resources of our creative team for our affiliates and advertisers, often by building microsites and splash pages, as well as hosted landing pages for browser extensions and pay per call marketplace campaigns.
Our client service record, compliance procedures, focus on direct offers, and 4 years of successful operations position us well in an industry crowded with options for affiliates and advertisers who want a partner who works with them closely to achieve their goals.
Aragon Advertising
What types of clients do you work with?
We work with many advertisers in the mobile content/premium SMS space. Presently, Aragon Advertising has over 5,000 direct mobile offers in more than 50 countries for our affiliates to promote on a CPA basis. Versions of these offers accept incent or non-incent, and feature content such as games, apps, ringtones, adult content, anti-virus, and more mobile entertainment products.
In addition, we have relationships with direct call buyers in verticals such as health insurance, solar, and legal services, enabling us to offer top pay per call rates to our distribution partners.
Over the years we’ve also run direct response campaigns from large advertisers such as Purina, Shell, Avon, GoDaddy, H&R Block, and more.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Our largest market is the US for non-incent. On the incent side, we see the strongest volume in Europe from the UK and Portugal all the way east to Turkey north towards the Nordics. In the past six to twelve months our focus on emerging marketing in Asia, Latin America, and Africa has yielded dozens of profitable campaigns and we are continuing to focus expansion efforts in these regions.
What are your main tips for successful Mobile Affiliate Marketing?
If I’m talking to one of my affiliates I’ll tell them to take full advantage of spy tools to see what their competitors are doing. Split-test different creative elements from button color to position of the CTA and so on. Most importantly remember that every dollar counts. If you think your CPA could be higher, it probably can, so work with a network who is direct with the advertiser and can advocate on your behalf to help you maximize your traffic potential.
What do you think the big themes for mobile performance marketing are going to be in 2016?
I think affiliates working in mobile performance should focus their efforts on emerging markets that are less saturated and riper for the innovative marketing strategies that tend to come from the affiliate level. Mobile billing offers are particularly open to experimentation and you generally have a pretty easy time getting an advertiser to work with you on your specific content needs.
What are your thoughts about the ad blocking, mobile ads in particular? Is there a silver lining for this problem?
I see why the proliferation of such products is so successful among consumers. The abundance of ads across the web is an eye soar, a distraction for many who want to consume content without a pre-roll video or scrolling sidebar ad following their way down a webpage. The good news is that the free market is already responding to this by way of content marketing which earns even more revenue for publishers. New technologies will continue to be created for publishers to beat ad blockers from eating their ad revenues.
I don’t think we’ll ever see an internet behind a paywall. Advertising will be the main method for digital publishers to monetize their content for decades to come.
We see Virtual Reality takes off this year, do you think ads will fit into this new medium?
Of course. The when and how of it will become more clear as the ubiquity of such devices increases.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Aragon Advertising?
We have a very diverse staff. Five members of our 14-person team were born or spent most of their lives outside of North America. Everyone brings a unique focus to their work and different cultural perspectives help us all come together and build our business in new directions.
What mobile devices do you use?
I have been a loyal Blackberry user since owning the Curve 8300 back in 2006. I recently upgraded to a Blackberry Priv which runs the Android OS and combines the physical keyboard I can’t live without and Blackberry’s productivity with the Google Play Store so I can order a Lyft and play Candy Crush.
What are your favourite apps?
I just need my Kindle app for my newspapers and books and I’m satisfied. Lyft and Seamless regularly figure into my day to day as well.
Will you buy a Tesla’s Model 3 or an alleged Apple Car in a few years?
I actually reserved a Tesla Model 3. While I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn right now by the time that car is delivered in 2 years I will probably find myself deeper in Brooklyn or back on Long Island where I grew up.
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