‘Tis the season to make sure you have a dedicated mobile app in order to reach mobile shoppers

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Just in time for the Holiday season, mobile marketing company Opera Mediaworks has taken a closer look at mobile shopping habits for the next three months ahead.

Recent Google research found that a majority of smartphone owners will be using their devices to search for presents and shopping ideas before they head out to the store.

Opera Mediaworks surveyed 800 US mobile consumers and found that 45% of consumers are starting their holiday season shopping earlier than ever before. With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be the starting shopping events of the season, but not this year.

Among the list of categories dominating the gift category were Electronics (55%), Clothes (53%), Toys (45%), Home Goods (28%), Books (14%) and Event Tickets (8%).

Consumers are starting their shopping early in 2016


Source: operamediaworks.com

Brands and marketers trying to get Millennials to shop on mobile this season would fare best to offer free shipping as a top tactic (73%). Sales promotions (51%) are always a good option to get shoppers to spend their cash, and coupons (45%) and price matching (18%) do provide solid results.

When it comes to the mobile shopping experience, apps are seeing the strongest traffic. 1 in 3 Millennial shoppers are searching for dedicated apps when doing their mobile holiday shopping. This could be a hint for marketers to amp up their mobile products.

As always, relevancy is key and targeting the wrong audience can easily backfire. 57% of consumers admitted that they would make a mobile purchase from an advert if the product they saw was relevant to them.

Tis the season to roll out your shopping app


Source: operamediaworks.com

Whilst not everybody who has a mobile phone uses it to make purchases, 9 in 10 shoppers do find it useful to carry their smartphone with them when shopping in-store. Mobile in-store searches were up 30% on mobile devices according to Google, as a resource for customer support and comparison of products.

Indeed, 47% of mobile shoppers use their mobile devices in-store to compare prices for products across competitors. Another 36% use devices to look up product reviews, whilst 30% intend to use their phones to sign up for in-store discounts. 28% said they used their smartphone to take snaps for future reference.

Smartphone usage in-store


Source: operamediaworks.com

The report clearly highlights that mobile phones have become important companions for mobile shoppers and brands should expect to see an increase in traffic on their shopping apps this season.

In addition, there are a few key points that marketers should watch out for when targeting shoppers this year:

  1. Stay relevant! That’s a no brainer. Creative campaigns should be targeted to an individual’s key interests. Hitting shoppers with higher intention to shop is another good targeting feature.
  2. Make your content work on mobile. Timing counts. On mobile, users quickly lose attention and may skip your ad if it’s not adapted to screen. Video ads have proven rather successful over the past 12 months and are a good way to engage users, but must be optimised to mobile screens.
  3. Apps, apps, apps! Shopping apps are big this season and retailers shouldn’t have to miss out on traffic because they do not have a dedicated app.

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