Tips to use NodeJS as Backend technology, its tools and limitations

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Posted: May 17, 2018

NodeJS is a widely used backend technology, not confusing it as a platform it an ultimate run-time environment which has shown amazing server-side development proficiency in past few years. Node.JS was introduced in the market in 2009 and received a very humble welcome from the developer’s community, the major reason of attraction was that Node.JS was open-source, free and developed in JavaScript. 

With a tough competition out, node.js development quickly started to gain popularity as JavaScript was then and now the most preferred development language which lacked a robust technology. With the advent of Node, Java started a new chapter by leveraging developers a cooler than ever before server-side development technology that helped them give the whole app a unified or a uniform app language. With Node.JS development services, Java marked its first step into the server-side app development programming. 

Thus, following up in this argument is an attempt to learn more about JavaScript as a backend technology, benefits of Node.JS as a backend technology, its limitations and much more. 

Using Node.JS Development Services as your Backend technology

Let’s talk in detail about what exactly is Node.  

Node.JS is a JavaScript run-time that is built on Chrome’s V8 JS engine and uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model that makes it a very light-weight and efficient technology.

It is one of the most used backend technology, a survey named Stack Overflow’s developer survey 2017 crowned it as the most commonly used backend technology by the developers, so however difficult and impossible the node.js development might sound from my definition, take our word it is worth a try. 

In past five years, Node has worked on itself to give a tough competition to its contemporary backend technologies such as PHP, C# and got dubbed as the king, resulting in the increased popularity of JavaScript over other development languages. 

It has a package manager named npm which is recorded as the largest registered software package on the web, all credit goes to the ever-growing community support and universal development ecosystem. With all these facts one thing is clear it no longer something new or not-to-be took seriously, its growing support and popularity have made Node JS development services a most preferred chose of enterprises. 

The increasing fame of Node has to lead the emergences of many big and small node.js development company, providing end to end front-end backend development support to many big and small enterprises. Not only this, with JavaScript’s advent in backend technology, a lot of its front-end development frameworks have gone under re-engineering to support modern development. Angular, React, Vue are some of the modern client-side technologies that went under deep scrutinizing and improvement. 

Common Misconceptions connected to Node.JS

Difficult to Debug

One of the earliest misconception developers had been the rumors of node.js being difficult to debug, but it proved everyone wrong with its node-inspector that helps you have the same debugging experience as any other platform. 

It is a big no for enterprise level server applications

It might sound funny as it is perfectly fine and efficient tool to develop enterprise level server applications, it although lacks some of the built-in tools but still, it was good to go technology for big names such as Yahoo, Walmart, PayPal, Netflix. 

Alleged to be a dynamic language

This is true to some extent and many tools like Typescript, Flow has helped in rectifying the language security problem immensely. So as to get a static pass from the computer, Google’s closure Compiler is also used. 

JavaScript not fit for server-side

With time Node JS development services have shut everyone up with regards to this misconception, JavaScript was typecast for frontend development.

Best uses of Node.JS Development Services

Let’s see what makes Node.JS and efficient technology for backend development:

JavaScript is one of the most widely used front-end development languages and it is highly probable that right now you are working on a JavaScript based front-end technology. 

Real-time Applications

Many big companies such as Trello, Google are depending on Node.JS Technology to give away high-end user experiences with features such as live chat, online gaming, instant messaging etc. 

Furthermore, Node.JS allows an application to work within a time time-frame which makes user sense immediate and real-time responses.Node.JS development services thus, help in providing effective solutions where immediate responses are needed. 

It is of the best real-time application building run-time environment that helps in managing multiple client requests, data synchronization, and reusability of the codes.

Build Single Page Apps

Build efficient single-page applications that are very interactive and user-friendly. Here, while building Single Page Apps, you can hire node JS developer to dynamic web apps that update fast and work on JavaScript for front-end development. It also, this help in enriching your web page performance and improved traffic.

For Scalable Solutions

Node.JS has a minimalist approach to every project, which results in as much freedom and scalability as much you want to render to your enterprise. This feature helps in improving the performance of application immensely, it helps in customizing the development as per your requirements.

It thus helps you create small and bid enterprises well synced and functional, especially when it comes to small application development it helps you cut short to the things that are relevant and important rather than bloating the app and deterring the app performance. 

Limitations of Node JS development services as a backend technology

Many Node.js development Company will find it surprisingly common that many times NodeJS backfires. It’s like the whole ready-to-go environment comes with a price and only a mature and experienced developer can get past the complexities. 

You should hire node JS developer that knows what he/she is doing, you see the development of backend involves a great deal of decision-making and while working on node, it is nothing like working on any other JS framework. Node comes with its own complexities as much as its agility in development. Thus, a node JS developer must know the scale of his development and the requirement of the project. 

Also, there can be some security issues, however, many tools can fix them to build you good enterprise apps with big server demands. 


It is needless to say that to some point the misconceptions joint to Node are true, however, it has proven its point and grew out to be a mature platform to build you efficient client-sides of any web applications. 

Node.js has a great community support and fellowship which has continually developed tools that allow us to surpass the problems that come with Node JS development services. Also, we can also that Node has many qualities and fallouts any other development platform we can say that by looking into languages and platforms such as Ruby, C#, and many others, they have their own differences and limitations. Thus, we can say that the idea behind all of it is to get to know what you can get and what you cannot. 

In hopes of this article helping you in your study of Node.JS development, we can surely make out that node is here to stay for much more longer than anticipated. Thus, you can get to a node js development company or hire node js developer to leverage more and more benefits out of it till something new and robust emerges.

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