Tips to Evaluate Mobile App Development Companies for Your Project

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Posted: September 18, 2018

Hiring a web and mobile development company offers a lot of perks. It’s no surprise that about 70% of businesses in the US already expressed their desire to get help with app development. Many other companies also plan to develop a mobile app or a website within 5 years and the reasons for this cannot be overemphasized.

The only drawback of embarking on such a project is the fear of getting an awful delivery. In fact, apart from the cost and fear of assessing the return on investment, people fail to hire dedicated developers because they do not believe they can get optimum service. 

There are many reasons behind this conclusion, however, we’ll not bother ourselves with the argument. The crux of the matter is that there are also a lot of ways to overcome this fear and ensure that you get the best services available to you. 

This article will go over the tips you need to have handy before you opt for app development in the USA. You’ll thoroughly enjoy it if you can read this article to the end and take note of the vital points before you pick up your phone to schedule an appointment with a web and mobile development company.

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#1 Tip to Hire Dedicated Developers – Check their Background  

Before a prospective applicant is considered for a position in an organization, a background check is run to confirm if the candidate is a good fit. Sometimes, a letter of recommendation from the previous company is requested to see the strengths and weaknesses. An official report might also be requested to be sure that the employee has a good work ethic. If the prospective candidate falls short in any area, they’re automatically disqualified.

Why do you think that the same approach shouldn’t be taken with a company when you want to hire dedicated developers from any web and mobile development company? in fact, it’s now being advocated by every HR agency. 

The problem for many people is that they don’t have the time or resources to get all this vital information, and some others might not want to ask such uncomfortable questions. Here’s an easy way out; just start with the easy part. Begin by asking general questions about their past work experiences and then narrow it down to the specific details you need. This will make both parties feel comfortable and it will help you make an informed decision before you hire the company.

Before Hiring, See the Portfolio

Here’s another place where many companies get it wrong. It’s normal to get swayed by the telemarketer’s voice or the digital ad you saw when you checked their website. However, it’s important that you make up your mind based on more concrete proof: their past projects.

Their past projects will serve as a lens into what they’re capable of doing. It’s also not advisable to look at the projects in isolation. You can ask the developers about the process of executing the task and what went into it. If you notice a major flaw or a design malfunction, do not just conclude that they are not up to the task. Sometimes, a web and mobile development company will deliver a product strictly based on what the owner requests, thereby leaving the developers with no choice.

If it’s a web or a mobile app, you can simply visit or download the product and carry out an assessment on the spot. You can also take it to your team of engineers or a more professional eye to provide feedback. 

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Evaluate the Average Cost of a Project and the Last few Projects they Undertook

Before you hire a dedicated developer, don’t just ask the professional to name a price. There are only two possibilities when you do this: you either find the price too high or too low. And none of these outcomes are palatable for the project at hand. 

The best approach when you want to ask a web and mobile development company for the cost of a project is to ask about their most recent projects and how much it cost. This will prompt them to give you a breakdown of what went into it. Do this for three or five more projects and you’re left with a very wide range of budgets and projects.

Now you can infer and even come to a conclusion that benefits both parties. And the catch with this approach is that when you realize that the projects are too exorbitantly priced, you can just state your opinion and kindly tell them that their costing is not in line with your budgeting. 

Ask About Deadlines

To hire a dedicated developer is to hire an individual who will always be at your beck and call. This means you’re working with someone who will work tirelessly to ensure that you do not fall behind schedule on your project. It’s true that this trait is rare to find, however, it can be easy to spot. 

Just ask them about the time frame of their previous projects and compare it to the average time it takes to develop a mobile app or a website. If you notice a significant disparity, you should know that something is wrong and you should probably stay away.


With these few tips, you can realize other less obvious ways of ensuring that app development in the USA is rewarding for you. Don’t fall prey to the usual ploy of being hoodwinked or coerced. Also, do not give way to fawning professionals who will end up providing a service that is below par. The decision to hire a web and mobile development company should be made after carefully considering the alternatives at your disposal. When you’re ready to start a project, be sure to contact us, and we’ll work with you to create just the right one for your business.

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