Tips to Create Great Apps: Understand Customer’s Requirements First

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Posted: October 11, 2018

You must have heard the saying that the customer is King and that the manufacturer or developer is subject to their desires (no pun intended). Unfortunately, with the plethora of options available nowadays, it’s so difficult to pay homage to millions of kings at the same time. The job of an application development company has been made more difficult by the varying preferences in apps and this has even caused some companies to go as far as building different variants of the same app. 

As a startup, building one app is already enough work to start with. It’s almost impossible to have two or more variants of the same app. Hence, it’s important to build just one great app that meets the needs of a wide demographic. As a mobile app development company based in the USA, it appears as though the odds are stacked against you, but a little trick can turn it to your favor. 

This article will give you a breakdown of some of the essential requirements in any app and then you’ll learn how you can use this to your advantage. 

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Without further ado, we shall begin this exposition.

What are the Common Expectations of Clients from App Developments in the USA?


This is one feature that cannot be overemphasized. Customers need their mobile apps to be able to execute the basic tasks they downloaded it for. For example, picture a scenario where you’re trying to make a transfer using your banking app but it keeps letting you down. In this moment, does it matter that the app is beautifully designed? Well, you know the answer.


There is an average amount that customers can afford to spend on mobile app purchases. It’s the duty of a USA based mobile app development company to identify this magic range and ensure that the price offered doesn’t exceed it. If it is exceeded, it might result in low patronage and, in turn, low revenue.

Ease of Use

Any app, irrespective of the function, is expected to be easy and convenient to use. Your product or service must not demonstrate the amount of work that the application development company put in to ensure security or to reduce the price. Customers just want an app that’s simple to use.

Rich Experience

One of the reasons Pokémon Go recorded such astronomical buzz was because of the experience the users enjoyed. Your marketing team might do a very wonderful job at attracting new users to your app, but what will keep them and turn them into regular customers is the ability to provide a rewarding, rich experience. 


This is quite similar to what a stellar UI / UX will achieve, but basically, a good design is pleasing to look at and will appeal to the aesthetic senses of users. In essence, an app with good design will not fail to provide users with a rich experience and vice versa.

Now that you have seen the basic features customers need from an app, we can go on to discuss how you can incorporate it into your app. When you’re having the initial-stage discussions with your mobile and app Development Company based in the USA, you’ll need to assess these qualities and search for ways in which other successful apps have been able to replicate the results. 

Here are ways that you can better understand your customers.

By Applying Intelligent Customer Engagement

There are several useful tools that can be used to engage your customers in real time, and if well utilized this can help you better manage your customers. Some managers go as far as scheduling regular phone calls to their clients just to understand their pain. According to Alex Turnbull, the founder of Groove, such a process has led to drastic improvements to the on boarding process.

Generating and Aptly Reading Meaning into Customer Analytics

Simple acts like responding to a generic ad or reading more about a promotion can help you better understand the needs of your customers. There are intelligent tools like Google Analytics and Inspectlet and these can help you gather insights into what customers like or dislike. 

Empathize with Your Customers

In order to better understand what your users go through, walk in their shoes. One thing you can do with your mobile app development company based in the USA while working on the project is to test it iteratively. Thanks to advanced testing and deployment tools, app developments can take the form you want. This means you don’t need to spend a fortune on ensuring that you get an idea of what turns off your users when they use your app.

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Trying to Get the Best of Both Worlds 

As we have seen in recent times, hybrid apps are beginning to take a sizeable portion of the market and users subscribe to the concept because of the advantage it offers. For some other apps, a native app is the only option due to some stringent requirements. What can be done is to hire a mobile app development company based in the USA with experience in both areas.

This will ensure that you clearly understand what you require for the app to appeal to a large audience without compromising on security, design, or functionality. Also, you can find common ground regarding the original budget and how much you can afford to pay.


App development in the USA has a lot to offer and a lot of experts believe that there’s more to come. However, the clause is that the eventual growth is contingent on the understanding of the needs of customers. Any application development company with the intention of building apps that will be used by millions of users will do well to adhere to the suggestions put forward in this post. When you’re ready to create your app, be sure to contact us, and we’ll work with you to make it just right for your business and your customers.

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