Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on CPA Mobile Advertising [VIDEO]

Peter Keung

In Mobile Advertising. January 26, 2015

Timo Matthias, Vice President Business Development at KissMyAds was interviewed at App Promotion Summit Berlin by George Osborn of Mobile Mavericks. They took the opportunity whilst at the event to discuss a few of the issues relating to mobile CPA advertising and the trends in the wider mobile performance advertising space. We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Timo for the interesting insights.

Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Video

Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Audio

Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing Transcript

Timo Matthias, Vice President – Business Development, Kiss My Ads, Interviewed by George Osborn at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.
I’m George Osborn and I’m at the App Promotions Summit Berlin with Timo from Kiss My Ads. Hi, Timo, how are you?
Hi, I’m good. Thank you for having me.
So, could you tell us a little bit about what Kiss My Ads do?
Well, Kiss My Ads is a traditional mobile-only affiliate network. That means we do and enable commission-based marketing. We run a marketplace where on the one-hand side we have the advertisers that look for users, that need traffic, and on the other side we have the affiliates, we have the publishers that have the potential users and the traffic and we combine them on a commission-based model. That means we talk about conversions, we talk about cost per action, and the action is usually defined by the advertiser. It can be an install, a subscription, it could be a download, a lead. It really is up to the advertiser what kind of conversion he is looking for. And he only pays for that.
I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this move towards cost per action. Could you explain why that’s the case?
Well, because that seems to be the trend whenever a business or a market matures. And if I want to sell a product and if I market the product and if I only pay whenever I get what I want, which is sell a product or get an app installed, then obviously it’s way better than just putting my banner somewhere and paying for just the “click on the banner” or paying for the impression….without knowing what’s going to happen, right?
So what are the challenges for someone looking to take advantage of that model?
I mean, obviously you never know if you’re really gonna sell, if you’ll really get the conversion you’re looking for but if you work with us, there’s no risk and there’s no cost. There’s no risk. You just come to us, you tell us what you look for, what your product is and we include you in our network. You don’t pay for set up, you don’t pay for monthly fees, you only pay for conversion.
Then it’s all about managing the quality of the conversion and that has to be a very close relationship to the advertiser, analyzing the data. Is the traffic that’s coming from the affiliate, from the publishers, actually good? Especially when you talk about app installs. Is there retention rate or is it pure fraud, which has happened in the past. It was quite an issue earlier this year that there was a lot of fake app installs, but I think – and this is kind of under control for the time being.
So how do people go about getting involved with Kiss My Ads?
Come to our website, call us, meet us at the conferences. Always look for people in white jumpers, hoodies and…yeah.
There’s lots of people who are looking ahead and trying to work out what the next big trend in mobile marketing is. Do you have any insights into what that might be?

Timo: From what I see and from what I hear obviously there’s a lot of buzzwords out there. Usually it’s not my personal preference to quote those, but I think that the whole area of re-targeting and finding the user back, getting the user back into apps, that’s going to be a big, big topic in the future.
Okay, well that’s absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much for joining us, Timo.
Timo: My pleasure, thanks for having me.
Thanks to George and Timofor the great interview.  You can find out more about Kissmyads over on their website