Time spent with branded content is 63% higher on smartphones than desktops

Polar, the publisher solutions provider, has just published new research as part of its The State of Branded Content report which finds that branded content attracts more engagement in terms of time spent on mobile devices.
The average time spent with branded content is 63% higher on smartphones than desktops. This can be attributed to the dominance of smartphone devices as part of the consumer lifestyle, but also the fact that mobile adverts are less disruptive, highly tailored and usually fit the full screen, giving the consumer fewer options to navigate away from the ad.
Smartphone users spend the most time with branded content
Source: polar.me
Polar also noted that publishers which partner with advertisers who are more aligned with their own editorial goals as well as audiences are achieving higher engagement with branded content. In addition, it found a 127% higher click-through rate for mobile branded content.
However, engagement varies according to sector. Finance publishers noted higher engagement rates, followed by health and special interest content publishers.
Branded content by vertical
Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 10.05.41 AM
Source: polar.me
In order to succeed, mobile marketers need a mobile-first approach as part of their campaigns. As almost two-thirds of US consumers own smartphones, the field is quickly evolving.
Troy Smith, President, Search Optics, told Marketing Dive:
troy smith

“It seems that many businesses have not yet developed a truly mobile-first approach to digital marketing strategy. […] A full 46% of marketers surveyed said they do not believe that their current mobile advertising spend is in line with their customers’ consumption of media through mobile.”

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