Tim Nilsson, MD, Glispa on their 2015 Winter Mobile Publisher Contest

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Partner Post - Glispa - Win an exotic trip to South Africa

Posted: July 29, 2015

With more than 2,500 active campaigns around the globe glispa is the primary partner for thousands of international publishers. MD, Tim Nilsson talks about glispa, the emerging BRIC markets and the big adventure they are planning in South Africa this winter. Tim Nilsson has spent more than 15 years as Top Manager in some of the fastest-growing Internet and new media companies across Europe. He is active as Managing Partner of glispa GmbH at the global HQ in Berlin since its foundation in 2008.
What is glispa?
glispa is a high-performance, mobile marketing pioneer empowering our clients to activate global audiences, reach growth objectives and move markets. We offer globally minded publishers one of the most comprehensive advertiser portfolios in the industry. With active campaigns in more than 187 countries spanning through all verticals we are the primary one-stop partner to help our publishers monetize their traffic.
We’ve got offices in Berlin, Beijing, San Francisco, Bangalore and Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv staffed by a truly multinational team. We’re at around 40 nationalities speaking 24 languages which is quite convenient for our partners because they can always reach us in a common language to find the best campaigns for them.
What is the glispa 2015 Winter Publisher Contest?
Here at glispa, celebrating our success with our publishers and rewarding them for their efforts is of prime importance. Hence, we launched the “Flying High Publisher Contest” last year. We took another step towards celebrating our success by treating our top publishers to a once in a lifetime opportunity of experiencing the Champions League finals here in Berlin and also took the top 10 publishers to Ibiza for an amazing weekend to a luxury villa. Since the ‘We’re going to Ibiza’ contest was a huge hit among our publishers, we’ve decided to take it a notch higher this winter with our 2015 Winter Publisher Contest.
glispa 2015 Winter Publisher Contest 
Glispa Contest 2015
We’ll fly 10 winners of the glispa 2015 Winter Publisher Contest to the southern end of the world’s most epic continent, the exotic country of South Africa. Free flights, premium accommodation, and gourmet catering accompanied by thrilling action adventures in South Africa. With sunny beaches, picturesque landscapes and an array of scenic wildlife, you certainly won’t want to miss this!
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What’s the right publisher for glispa?
We’re all about mobile now with a wide range of categories such as gaming, utilities, entertainment and m-commerce globally. One area of particular interest for us are the emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South East Asia since most of our advertisers see the huge potential in the rapid growth. You can read about our success in BRIC here.
So if you have traffic in the BRIC & SEA or anywhere else around the globe, do not hesitate to contact us: publishers@glispamedia.com
That’s amazing, how can I win?
You can find out more and sign up for glispa 2015 Winter Publisher Contest here.

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