TikTok trials Order Center for mCommerce purchases

Anne Freer | August 10, 2022

App Business

TikTok recently added an Order Center to its app as it aims to push ahead with its in-app shopping ambitions.

Right now, the feature is only available to some users.

The Order Center lets people track the purchases they made or looked at using TikTok.

The option sits alongside the Edit Profile button according to a screenshot by social media expert Matt Navarra.

When tapped, a dedicated eCommerce display opens that shows order status, payment details and recommendations. 

It’s not surprising that TikTok is making a push for a wider mCommerce integration, given the success it’s seen with Chinese equivalent Douyin in China. 

The app is generating major revenues this way alongside creator monetisation and brand partnerships.

There are some signs that live shopping and mCommerce aren’t performing well among Western audiences. For example, Facebook recently axed its live shopping features.

However, the strategy is still pursued by many social apps following greater demand for mobile app purchases in light of pandemic lockdowns. 

Whether TikTok can scale operations in Europe this way remains to be seen. 

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