TikTok to monetise app in Indonesia

Anne Freier | October 8, 2019

App Business

Popular video app TikTok has plans to boost its ad revenues in Indonesia.

The company’s head of public policy, Donny Eryastha, told reports that until now the platform had focused on attracting users rather than pushing its own ad monetisation plans.

He told reporters: “We are planning to monetise our platform through several options, such as advertising and native apps.”

The company previously said it was working on a native audience network to allow brands and retailers to reach its unique audience more easily.

The Bytedance-made app allows users to shoot and broadcast 15 to 60-second videos to music.

Although TikTok’s core audience is young people aged 15 to 34 years, the app says it wants to attract a greater number of Baby Boomers.

According to TikTok, Indonesian users spend an average of 29 minutes per day using TikTok to watch videos. Content favourites include food, travel, and comedy.

TikTok recently reported that users were spending more than $9 million in in-app purchases and the app had been downloaded one billion times.

Research by We Are Social and Hootsuite earlier in 2019 found that Indonesians spent an average of 8 hours and 36 minute using the Internet and over 3 hours using social media platforms.

But TikTok has come under fire for its own advertising, promoting videos created by its users on other social media platforms such as Snapchat. The company has an aggressive social media strategy that utilises user-generated content to promote the app. However, it does not pay users to use their content for its own promotional purposes.

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